Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Trip to out West to Falls Restaurant.III

 When I was writing my B&B by the Sea at Herne Bay, I had this image in my mind.

Sally left me some brochures of the B&B, my eyes almost popped out. The building is a mansion, looking like the Alberton in Mt Albert. The brochure said,
‘Feel the warm sand,
Taste the sea salt,
Watch the sea gulls,
Smell the roses,
Stay for a few days,
Stay a long time,
Picturesque venue for a wedding.
Yours, ten minutes from the city.’
The B&B, Herne Bay.
“It took a long time for me to sink in.”
“The mansion had two stories, painted lime green with white wooden balustrades with pedestal and wooden veranda floor. There was the veranda all around the front and sides of the ground floor of the building. People could gather on the big porch and chat and just enjoy each other. In summer, people could have alfresco dining,” Ms Chan described.

So I went to check it out. The waitresses Mia and her friend were friendly and professional, Mia is Tongan and her friend is Samoan. Just like some characters in my book.

 The patrons enjoy the child friendly dining.

 I couldn't resist popping my book as a prop.

 Guess what, to my pleasant surprise, they have the same changing table in the nappy changing room.

Highlights info row image
09-835 0070

A Trip out West to Falls Restaurant II

The Falls
22 Alderman Drive, Henderson
Phone: (09) 835 0070

A trip out West to Falls Restaurant I

The Falls Hotel is a two story Kauri building built in 1854 by “Long John” McLeod, a mill manager for Thomas Henderson (the founder of Henderson). It was originally built on the corner of, what is now known as Rail Side Avenue and The Great North Road, and was constructed to provide accommodation for the workers at Henderson Mill.
According to historians, the original Hotel had 22 rooms, a small general store, and handled the local mail. The first hotel manager was John McLeod although it is not known if this is the same John McLeod who built the building.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

First Scene, Auckland.

I went on a tour to First Scene, New Zealand Australian' largest selection and party props with 400,000 items in stock. I tried to see if I will make a good policewoman.

An outing to First Scene.

If you're looking to host a themed party or require prop's, fancy dress or colour to spruce up your event... I suggest you make a trip out West. This is the biggest warehouse . Aotearoa's largest selection of costume and party props with 400,000 items in stock.

The ESOL School of Mt Albert Baptist went on an outing to First Scene.

First Scene

When we were planning this trip, I was writing my The Playgroup Club. I incorporated First Scene in a chapter of the book. Becky and Amber went to First Scene to rent costumes for a Great Gatsby era them. Here is a student admiring a flapper dress.