Wednesday, January 17, 2018

snap shot of It's ok to cry

This is a snapshot of me in the documentary which Television New Zealand produced and interviewed me.


ABC Letter B for bitter gourd.

I arrived in Singapore in the middle of winter in New Zealand and was feeling very heaty and jetlag. My friend suggested I drink some bitter gourd and apple juice. It didn't taste very bitter. I suspect, he put a tiny slice of bitter gourd and lots of apple in it.
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first time seeing this bitter gourd. Slim like a telegraph cucumber, the groves are thin. the "meat" also thin. Bought is specially for you.

Dr Henry Chan, climate change

This Dr Henry Chan is my brother.
Ann Chin's photo.
Dr. Henry discusses his journey in persuading and convincing all stakeholders, from local village communities, to business communities, to government ministers to support and participate in the Heart of Borneo Corridor Program. Dr. Henry Chan wants to bring awareness to the public about the current situation of the environment affected by various human factors and how we can play our role in conserving mother nature. Dr. Henry Chan is the Head of Conservation Sarawak, WWF-Malaysia. He was seconded to WWF-Indonesia and WWF-Malaysia as the Heart of Borneo Leader. He recently concluded a Conservation Summit with His Royal Highness Sultan Nazrin, Sultan of Perak, Royal Patron of WWF-Malaysia, and His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, President of WWF-United Kingdom. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Sunday, January 14, 2018


The term broccoflower is actually used to describe two different, though similar, vegetables. The name comes from a cross between broccoli and cauliflower, two vegetables that are actually so closely related that they can be easily cross-pollinated.
One type of broccoflower looks just like white cauliflower, but is lime-green in color. There are many different kinds of green cauliflower, and several are the result of the cross-pollination of broccoli and cauliflower.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Grandpa's birthday and mum's baking

This was a very formal event. Here he is wearing the formal attire of a royal offical of the Ming Dynasty. It was a black silk top on top of a black silk gown.

Mum made his cake. An aunt brought some red chinese cutting of auspicious words. Making it a perfect fusion of East and West. For beakfast, all of us were served with sweet long noodles. yes, you read it right, the sweetness signifying a sweet life, and long noodles for long life to all who ate this noodles.

There was great feasting, and hundreds of guest were invited. My dad told me that at the birthday of a very healthy and successful person, people like to come to these parties. Some even gate crash. They believe in taking away a bit of the luck of this birthday boy. They will take away uneaten food to share with their family at home.

Vice versa, if the birthday person was a sickly person, people will avoid going to the party. It is seen as taken home the bad luck of the sick person.

Mum's baking

I have been looking for mum's make shift oven, and this aluminum flat top and flat bottom looks quite like hers. Mum was a very clever person. The World War two aka Japanese war interrupted her education when she had to marry father.
Dad was a civil servant and we didn't have an oven. She fashioned a very big pot which was flat on the top and flat on the bottom.
Her first try was to put embers on a rack, place the cake on top of the rack. She also put embers on lid of the pot. Alas the embers were too hot and burn a hole on the lid and one the base of the pot. She smartly put metal sheets to block the holes, and put the embers underneath the pot.
From there, there was no stopping her. She made beautiful cakes.
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Mother's cake making

Cake making in Mother's house was a big business. Mum learned cake making. Then she would make the cakes for the family and aunties during new year. She used the golden butter churn and her cakes smelled heavenly.
We kids would come back from school, have a quick lunch, and start breaking one hundred eggs, and use the hand held whisk, and beat the eggs. When one of us get tired, we transfer the beater to another.
When mum deemed the eggs had been aerated enough, she measures the flour, vinegar essence, baking power. Transferring to a wooden spoon, we stir the mixture in one direction.
By five pm, the cake mixture is ready. Mum bought a very big flat top pot She fashioned the pot into an oven and baked her cakes at the void deck. , she already had made a fire from charcoal .It's a pity, mum didn't let us watch over the baking. She said, one had to be very careful to watch over the fire. She continued to bake way till the wee hours of the morning.

The next few days, she suffered from a headache. When my girl Kong Hie Ding said it was too hot making kueh Lapis, I remember my mum. I also remember making Kuih kapit which is a crispy and delicious wafer, which is also called love letters.

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