Monday, March 5, 2012

Ruby red/rednesday: important words.

The weather is Auckland is warm, and when it rains, it pours. People joke that you can hear the lawn growing. Many people mow their own lawn, and some employ men to mow their lawn. Besides the grass clippings, there are hedges and trees to be trimmed.

What do you do with your green rubbish/ organic waste?

The organic waste stream is a mix of garden or green waste and food waste (putrescibles) that can be composted and used as a soil conditioner.

Compost is the end result of controlled aerobic decomposition or a mix of green waste (rich in nitrogen) and brown waste (rich in carbon).

A number of private companies provide a garden bag and bin collection service. All bags and bins vary in size and you can choose how often they are collected.

I was walking along Pt Chevalier Road when I saw this truck. I looked around and saw no one around so I whipped out my camera. But I was spotted by two friendly and good looking guys. One of them asked me why I was talking photos of his truck. I told him, I was blogging, and he said don't take the name of his truck. I am sure his employer won't sack him.

In fact, they were very good PR person for this company which is doing a great job for the environment. They collect our green waste and recycle and reuse to help grow healthy plants in our city. Ka Pai and Paki Paki.

For today's Red theme, The Garden Bag Company is very responsible to have the words, CAUTION, WE STOP OFTEN. printed in RED.

If you are in Auckland, you can find them at 0800 307346 mobile: (027) 478 9420


Ginny Hartzler said...

Don't you just hate getting caught at times like this? I'm glad the guys were nice. You would think they would want their company's name on your blog for free advertising.

The JR said...

We pile the grass clippings in the pasture. Sometimes the horses graze thru the pile.

The limbs and other stuff goes into the gulleys washed by the rain.