Monday, April 23, 2012

Save the World/Mellow Yellow:Keep Knitting alive 

This morning, on Good Morning New Zealand, the TV presenters said that skills like sewing and knitting are lost because we don't pass it on to our children. How true, as a kid, I learn sewing from my mum, sister and teachers. But my girls were not interested. One was interested in me knitting for her. I once even have a boy come and ask me to show him to sew. 

Recently one of my boy students said he wanted to sew, and would I teach him. I told him you better ask your parents first. Sadly, he didn't come back.

I used to knit a lot, but the computer virus had captured me, and the last time I knitted was 2 years ago.  I am posting these photos, to give you hints of short cuts and how to knit for fun.

It will be good to preserve this skill and don't let knitting be a dying art.

In the old days, the main knitter usually got a child to put his hands out while she makes  a ball. I didn't understand why then, but after Saturday, I knew. In the old days, the wool came like my yellow wool. Not a ball type. As I knitted along, the wool tangled into a terrible mess.

My son would only hold the wool for me to demonstrate, no way was he going to sit and have his hands still for 15 minutes. I devised a way only a lazy person would think of. I put it at the back of the chair. Not as easy as a person holding it, but good enough.
Casting the beginning stitches. I use the Chinese method which looks funny, but making knitting the first row much easier, as the stitches are not as tight as the European way. You use two needles.

When you have casted off the number of stitches, gently remove one needle. Be carefully they don't slip off.

I finished knitting my baby blanket on Monday morning. It was 15 in by 15 inch, very small, but suitable for a premature baby. It took me 3 days knitting non stop. I went to the hospital to give it to the NICU. I wanted to give the blanket to a living angel.


Liz said...

I do embroidery too but my daughter is not interested. It's too bad that these things are slowly dying. Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC

J.Rylie.C said...

I am very interested in that!

My Yellow Memories, hope you'd come by and leave a comment. Thank you!