Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Watery Wednesday. weather bomb.

Diana Strawer tells me that for 90 days without a drop of rain. I told her we had a water bomb, and water did we have. The kids were invited to watch the crane put the stairs on the new building. The rain came down like a veil of water. You think that it is a waterfall feature.

Here Diane, I have told the kids to sing, Rain Rain go to away, go to Diana. They did a rain dance and presto!!!!

Diana reports, "Yesterday morning, a break from the rain: following 90 days without a drop of rain, the prior 2 days offered our total average rainfall for the month!"


D said...

Ann, you tell the children 'thank you'! but can they slow it down just a bit. ;) Yesterday was partly cloudy and with a break in the downpour... now perhaps we can get back to normal rainfall.

joanne said...

It's either feast or famine (drought) with rain.....too much or too little....we're never truly satisfied!