Thursday, October 9, 2014

Albert and the Motat Tram.

This is an edited post of my original post of the tram driver Albert Chan I did in 2009. This tram goes along my favourite part of Auckland, Western Springs. I always take my visitors.

Volunteer Albert Chan has been turning up to Motat for more than 30 years to work as a tram driver.

The Henderson resident is one of many people who give their time to make sure the museum runs smoothly.

Albert got involved around 1976 after a former workmate, who used to drive the trams, invited him to have a look around.

Chan is my madam name, Albert must be my long lost cousin. LOL

Albert's photo is courtesy Central leader.

Update: I read yesterday that Albert has interested his sons and nephew to join him. What an amazing family. Choo! Choo! Chak! Chak!

This will be for another post.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful man and family!

Linda said...

Wonderful post and photos, I really enjoyed this...thank you so much for sharing!

Louisette said...

Lovely post , have a nice day.