Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Red: Help Nepal rebuild.

This is a beautiful photo of Prinka who is raising funds for her earthquake torn Nepal.

This is also a sweet story of many coincidental events of me and the photographer Victor and His wife Chay.

I have seen them in church but never spoke. One morning that very cold weather, the Church ESOL teachers were meeting at Triniti of Silver. I saw this man with his little dog. His family joined him, and I thought they looked familiar. I went over and asked if they went to Mt Albert Baptist Church.

Last month, I was a meeting for our Church magazine. It was decided that I write an article on Prinka. The editor told me that Victor would take the photos. (It didn't click)
I told Prinka that the editor would take her to Victor for the photo shoot.

Last Saturday, the fund raising for Thailand took place. On Sunday, the organiser said my dinner had been bid for a lot of money. During the service, the congregation was asked to look around for a homegroup leader. The woman asked if I was a leader, and I said yes. She then asked if I was Ann.

She told me they had bought my dinner. I was introduced to Victor. I see Prinka, and she pointed out Victor, the photographer. He was the Victor that I had just spoken with. I told Prinka, I had to go over with her to say a proper Hi.


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