Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mocktail recipes and dry july

Mocktail recipes designed by Bedford & Soda for those parents wanting to go dry this July - some 
amazing images can be found here.

I chuckle to myself when I see the anti smoking ad where a father was  in an embarrassing situation after catching his son smoking when he himself was a smoker and his son followed his bad example.

Leading local relationship therapist Leanne French who says Kiwi parents who decide to have a booze-free month for Dry July will not only be raising funds for a good cause, but also demonstrating important qualities to their kids.

“Children need positive role models, and what could be better than showing your kids that you can give up something you enjoy for a month in order to help others,” explains French.“Not only that, but it also demonstrates the process of setting a goal, achieving it, and feeling good about yourself for having done that - something else children need to learn about.”

For two years, my very young, beautiful, talented, clever and kind niece Katie have stayed Dry for a month. It certainly was a very good sacrifice for a young person but she did it. I am sure it would have helped if she had the Mocktail recipes designed by Bedford & Soda.

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