Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thursday challenge: digital playground experience…/mixed-reality…/
Auckland Council has partnered with innovative New Zealand mixed reality experience designers GeoAR Games to get kids off the couch and outside to play, ahead of the winter school holidays.
The council has signed an agreement to trial GeoAR’s “Magical Park” digital playground app in eight parks around Auckland for two months from 4 July to 4 September.
“We’re always looking for innovative ways to get young Aucklanders more active more often and this new app from GeoAR Games means parents don’t have to wrestle smartphones and tablets off their children – they can take them with them to the park to play,” says Parks, Sport and Recreation Committee Chair Councillor Christine Fletcher.
The digital playground experience is aimed at children aged 6-11, allowing them to explore digital content in the real world by viewing it through their smartphone or tablet.
There are currently two themed worlds that users can download for free at the eight parks. “Augmentia” offers a fantasy theme, including a giant blue dragon, and “DinoLand” allows the player to interact with prehistoric playmates on large, flat grassy areas.

Forget the pikachu, the pokemon, we in Auckland are looking for dinosaurs, and I had found one. hehehe

Unusual (Final week) (Anything out of the ordinary...). 

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GeoARGames said...

Thank you for the lovely blog! We are also looking for young game testers between the ages 6-11. If your kids are interested please sign up on our website