Sunday, November 27, 2016

Grace's ginger bread house part 2

This is Grace's secret recipe:

The kids don't like ginger, so I omitted ginger and the other spices in the recipe. But the molasses was overpowering, it has a burnt or bbq smell which turned everyone off while we were mixing the dough.

So I added nutmeg, cinammon and cloves (I had to pound myself). Don't have any ginger powder and cardoman. The spices improved the fragrance. Michael broke a piece of his roof to eat. After that, the kids only ate the sweets and I had to throw the houses away.

Next time, I will make use chocolate.

We only bake food that's eggless for Angelina's sake, even the icing was eggless and it was hard to pipe for the kids.

Deb knows that it gets difficult when it comes to making stuff with the kids. She helped the kids decorate the cookies.

Love Grace

Comment from Australia:

We usually buy ginger house kit. Kids only like to eat the sugary icing and lollies on the cake. Can we have your recipe.
Looks yummy.

Another comment from Oz to Grace:
These photos are fantastic – so good to see this generation of mothers still want to do things like this with their kids. They must have inherited your flair for creativity. It’s a wonderful way to have some fun together. You’ve done a great job. Trouble is, when so much work has gone into creating them, you can’t bring yourself to eat them. Did your kids eat theirs?

My girls still talk about the wonderful cakes that Aunty Grace used to bake for their birthdays when they were small.

***Last year, my home group at church won the competition of protraying how different countries celebrated Christmas round the world. C made the winning prizes of beautiful Christmas cakes like an alpine house complete with Santa stuck in the chimney. She wanted to give 1/2 of the cake to me. Before I could stop her, she had cut the cake into half. I told her the cake was too pretty to eat, and it was such a heartachne to have it cut. I would rather the other winner take the whole cake home. C said, cakes are meant to be eaten. Each time I ate the cake, I choked.*

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