Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Costus woodsonii,

a kind of wild ginger. Common Name: Red Button Ginger, Scarlet Spiral Flag, Red Cane, Panamanian Candle Ginger, Indian Head Ginger, Dwarf French Kiss, Dwarf Cone Ginger

Costus woodsonii, is very much favoured as a decorative landscape and garden plant or container specimen. Costus, can reach 1.5-2 m in height and spread about 1 m wide.

The flowering spike is made up of waxy red bracts, tightly overlapping like fish scales, to form an erect, cigar-shaped or torpedo-like flower head, 6-10 cm tall.
Costus woodsonii (Red Button Ginger, Scarlet Spiral Flag, Dwarf French Kiss, Dwarf Cone Ginger)The true reddish-orange flowers with inconspicuous orange-yellow labellum are edible and will peek out one at a time from between the red bracts, lasting for only a day per flower. 


Kanha said...
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Unknown said...

Is the flower edible?