Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Haier Big Hoot

The Big Hoot | Owl Arrival Party

The Haier Big Hoot is a free public art trail featuring 47 giant Owl sculptures (1.65m tall). Each Owl has been turned into a bespoke piece of art by a Kiwi or International artist, with works by Dick Frizzell, Jeff Thomson, Greer Clayton, Flox, Weilun Ha, Peata Larkin, Grace Wright, Jessica Pearless, and more. Joining the giant owls are 60 owlets (90cm) – many designed by Auckland school students. 
From Saturday 03 March, 2018, the Owls will be displayed for nine weeks in public spaces, parks, malls and libraries across Auckland. At the end of the trail the Owls will be auctioned to fundraise for Child Cancer Foundation.  

In some cultures, the owl is a harbinger of death. http://www.pauldfrost.co.uk/intro_o2.html

An owl came to our house when Mum was pregnant with my younger brother. Grand Ma was visiting us, we asked Dad to catch it. Dad did, but released it, he didn't want Grand Ma to nag about the bad luck..

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