Thursday, October 1, 2015

Have a Happy Nutritious Morning with New Sanitarium Options Muesli: One Breakfast, Four Ways.

Having worked in school, I know the importance it is for children to have a good breakfast. However, kids can get breakfast fatigue when it comes to eating the same breakfast every morning, day in and day out.

Not anymore, 

Mum: Breakfast
Kid 1: I want my muesli warm
Kid 2: I want a smoothie
Kid 3: I want it Bircher Muesli.
Dad:   I want it traditionally with milk.

Mum: Just as well I am a magician, Tralaa. Here it is, Sanitarium Options Fine Cut Muesli.
Everyone: Mum, it is delicious, you are a genius. Thanks.
Mum: Thank Sanitarium, they are the genius.

30% less sugar, with New Zealand Manuka Honey with LSA AND CRUNCHY & QUINOA, packed full of tasty ingredients to help you and your family get a great start to your morning.

I am not paid to write this review. I was given a sample to try out.

little bag of silicone heat bag

New kind of heat bag, little bag of silicone inside, remove the bag of silicone from the beautiful Pouch outside. Heat Silicone for 1 minute only. Can also use AS A COLD BAG. I was given this, because I already have my wheat bags, I gave it to a friend. Cost about NZ$20. This one looks very cute, and 1 minute is fast. But inconvenience of removing the outside pouch. I prefer my old fashion ugly looking self made wheat bag.