Friday, April 8, 2016

I did this post in 2009. The website doesn't work anymore.

I was the the Parnell Festival of Roses today admiring the works of the artists. I was interested in the Rangitoto painting.

Rangitoto, Auckland's youngest volcano and it is a beautiful island.

I spoke to the artist and we had a good chat. I told him I wanted to do a post on him and he kindly obliged.

If you are in Auckland, the festival is still on tomorrow.

Here's Abdul's
His email:
you are interested in a piece of New Zealand art.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The wearable Activity Key

New Wearable Tech Solves Age Old Problem of Where to Stow Car Keys
A new wearable tech innovation from a leading car manufacturer will provide an answer to the age old question of what to do with your car keys when out for a run.
Jaguar Land Rover has introduced a new key which comes in the form of a wearable and waterproof wristband with Kiwis able to access the new tech within months.
The wearable Activity Key comes courtesy of the Jaguar F-PACE and allows car owners to lock their ignition keys inside by simply touching the wristband to the Jaguar logo on the boot, thus allowing them to enjoy their outdoor experiences without having to stow bulky keys.
Built into the wristband is a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) sensor which assumes control of the car's locking system, disabling the keys inside. The sensor operates without a battery and doesn't need charging.
According to the manufacturer, the Activity Key is suitable for all activities and temperatures and will prevent the car being stolen if it’s broken into.
The general manager for Jaguar Land Rover New Zealand Steve Kenchington says the wristband is suitable for all weather conditions and outdoor activities and allows car owners to  enjoy an active lifestyle without having to worry about keeping their keys safe.
“Whether you’re hitting the surf or the slopes or just heading out for a run, this key is a unique solution to a generations old problem of where to stow bulky keys,”
Kenchington says other new wearable tech innovations from the car maker include the introduction of its remote functions app to Android Wear watch.

“The new Android Wear app is able to activate climate control settings by remotely starting the engine, keeping you cool before setting off.
“It also allows customers to check their vehicle's fuel level, monitor its location and remotely lock and unlock the doors to let a friend or family member access the vehicle when the owner isn't close by,” he says.
Kenchington says as well as the wearable elements of the car, F-PACE will even look for minute changes in an owner's driving style that point to fatigue, before prompting the driver to pay attention or take a break.
For high res images please click here and video click here
Written on behalf of Jaguar by Impact PR. For further information or images, please contact Fleur Revell-Devlin, (ph. 021509600) or Mark Devlin, (ph. 021509060).

Reconnect with The Written Word and Get Writing New Zealand!

As a writer, nothing excites me more than to see students write and come up to show me their work. This is fantastic.

Reconnect with The Written Word and Get Writing New Zealand!

Grab your pencils and pens and rediscover the joy of writing and the treasured moment of a handwritten note with Get New Zealand Writing – a national initiative to get young Kiwis and their families writing.

For the month of April, Warehouse Stationery will partner with schools throughout New Zealand to ‘Get New Zealand Writing’. The initiative gives Kiwi kids the opportunity to write a postcard and have it delivered for free, anywhere in New Zealand.

Using their best handwriting, all students who participate are then able to bring their postcard to a Warehouse Stationery store throughout April and post it for free anywhere in New Zealand. From Nanas and Poppas in Cape Reinga to best buddies down in Bluff, Get New Zealand Writing will reach people the length of the country!

Participating in Get New Zealand Writing is easy – just pop into a Warehouse Stationery store during April, pick up a postcard, write a message, then drop your postcard into the red letterbox in store and it will be sent for free anywhere in New Zealand. Parents can get involved too – write a note to a long-lost friend, or treasured niece, nephew or sibling and await their delighted response.

And if you and the kids love nothing more than a good selfie, head in store to post your cards, take a selfie next to the postbox and upload it to Facebook with the hashtag #getnewzealandwriting. You’re then in the draw to win one of four Fujifilm XP90 Tough Cameras, valued at $399.

The fun continues with the chance to tell Warehouse Stationery your favourite word! From April 4, Kiwi kids can nominate their favourite word and why, to be in with a chance to have their handwritten sentence selected to appear in the ‘My Favourite Words’ notebook, and the chance to win a Fujifilm XT10 16-50mm Mirrorless Camera, valued at $1,599.
All proceeds raised from the notebook will be donated to the Warehouse Stationery Scholarship Fund; testament to the company’s commitment to making education accessible and affordable to every Kiwi, this initiative with the Salvation Army helps young New Zealanders achieve their tertiary study goals.

Warehouse Stationery CEO Pejman Okhovat says the Get New Zealand Writing initiative is a fun way to focus on the importance of writing in our lives.  

“We all know how special it is to receive a handwritten card from someone we love. We want to help Kiwis rediscover the joy of writing in a fun and engaging way,” he says.

For more information about Get New Zealand Writing and Favourite Word, visit

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Nét đẹp hoa lan's photo.

my father was one of the early orchid planting hobbyists in Sibu. His first orchid that bloomed was similar to this. It had 4 or 5 sprays and hung about 1 meter down. My Dad hung it outside the window. We were staying in a Govt Quarter. People came to admire. But alas the flower lasted only 3 days. Dad was disappointed and give it up. I was sad, it was so beautiful, our first flowering orchid.

Monday, April 4, 2016

red: wannabe socialite.

The world is full of big bad wolves for a young girl growing in a small sheltered town. From one small wrong step, trouble snowballs into bigger and bigger trouble. She sinks into the murky seedy underworld. She becomes a kept woman. She finds there is no way out, she commits suicide.

My latest book.