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Friday flowers: Osteospermum


Osteospermum /ˌɒstiəˈspɜːrməm, -tioʊ-/, the daisybushes is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the Calenduleae, one of the smaller tribes of the sunflower/daisy family Asteraceae. Wikipedia


Monday, July 25, 2016

Piper sarmentosum is a plant in the Piperaceae family is known as wild betel leaf.

pokok kadok in Malay. In Vietnam, the local name of Piper lolot – lá lốt –
When I was living in NTU, Singapore, near my apartment were these plants which my Penang friend picks to line her plate to cook her version of otak otak. Now, the Australian cooking competition are using a kind of leaves. Could be betel, or baichaplu. Have you used them? Piper sarmentosum is a plant in the Piperaceae family used in many Southeast Asian cuisines. The leaves are often confused with betel,[1] but they lack the intense taste of the betel leaves and are significantly smaller.

Piper sarmentosum is a plant in the Piperaceae family used in many Southeast Asian cuisines.and is known as wild betel leaf.

The leaves are used raw in SE Asian cuisine; for Thais use the leaves to make Mieng Kum(a popular snack) which is a mix of chopped shallots, lime, dried shrimp, green chillies an ginger all wrapped up in a wild pepper leaf. In Malaysia, the leaves are finely sliced and added to Nasi Ulam (Herb Rice) or as base for the Otak Otak wrapping.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kawakawa tea a naturally good remedy
The leaves of kawakawa, a member of the pepper tree family, were commonly used as a tea to help with digestion, as an anti-inflammatory tonic, and as a mild intoxicant. Kawakawa is the milder cousin of kava, the intoxicating root drunk in other Pacific Islands. It is probably the most commonly used native ingredient in drinks in New Zealand.

Piper excelsum

Kawakawa tea is a naturally good way to restore and maintain good health.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Open Home Foundation

Today Will and Lorraine of the Open Home Foundation came to Mabc. They came to talk about their work. Ohf is and looking for Christian people who are willing to open their homes and hearts to children, young people and their families.

Auckland Service Centre, Phone: 09 6342057
Email: Auckland or

Friday, July 22, 2016


Iochroma. It's an evergreen shrub originating in South America.

Iochroma cyaneum



Tuesday, July 19, 2016

No lollies at check out

Richmond supermarket Fresh Choice has replaced chocolate bars, lollies and fizzy drinks for fresh fruit and water in a bid to reduce sugar consumption. Photo / Bay of Plenty Times
Nelson shoppers won't get their sugary fix at the checkout anymore after a local supermarket swapped out junk food for healthy snacks.
Richmond supermarket Fresh Choice has replaced chocolate bars, lollies and fizzy drinks for fresh fruit and water in a bid to reduce sugar consumption.
Fresh Choice owner and operator Greg Watson said his supermarket was the first full service supermarket in the country to be confectionary-free at all checkouts.
It was a moral decision due to the rise in obesity, he said.
"We weren't happy with all the sugary stuff by the checkout.
"We are well aware parents come in with their kids and after half an hour of being dragged around, they get a bit tetchy.
"Quite often mum and dad will cave in to give them a chocolate bar at the end of their shop," he said.

I was at my local supermarket which had jumped on the band wagon. I wonder if this is just lip service, and lollies are still available inside the supermarket. Kids are smarter than we give credit for.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Bryophyllum, mother of thousands

Bryophyllum, a plant that reproduces asexually via new shoots from the leaves. The common name is mother of thousands.

red tuesday: Bulls eye, my grand nephew did a great job

a plant of friendship.Million Hearts (Dischidia ruscifolia)

I was in Singapore when I inherited this special plant. I nurtured it till it flourished and I separated it to two plants. I offered it to a friend and she said, she gave the baby to my neighbour.

The name a million hearts probably comes from the shape of the leaves.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sea horse

The seahorse is the mascot of Miri city. Miri is the second largest city in Sarawak. This oil rich city was first mined for oil in 1910 by the Shell company.

I always wonder why the sea horse is chosen as the mascot.

According to El Comercio, a Peruvian newspaper, illegal Chinese fishermen had captured 8 million seahorses when they were intercepted by Peruvian police. It was the largest known poaching of seahorses in South American history. 


Bergenia /bərˈɡɛniə/[1] (elephant-eared saxifrage, elephant's ears) is a genus of ten species of flowering plants in the family Saxifragaceae, native to central Asia, from Afghanistan to China and the Himalayan region.

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Eucomis, pineapple lily

Eucomis) This fragrant South African native has tropical-looking, fleshy leaves with flower spikes that appear to be miniature “pineapples” at the top of each stem. (Sorry, not edible.) Hundreds of waxy, one inch starry flowers are perfectly shaped, mostly edged in maroon and begin opening from the bottom up.