Friday, October 31, 2014

Flowers for Genie

A few years ago, I was blogging a lot and had many blogging friends. Then my writing and facebooking took over a lot of my time and mental concentration. I looked up one of my blogs on breast cancer awareness while chatting with a friend who had breast cancer.

I remember I neglected a blogger friend I really liked. Genie of

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Vox , gerbera

It's not a V-ase or a b-ox, it's Vox has become the first choice of thousands of Professional Florists. So simple, yet so effective, this unique flower bouquet wrapping system can double as a disposable cardboard vase.

100% New Zealand designed and made.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

red lily

When I was in Singapore, I grew these red Lilies. Our apartments in the university campus had no fence. I placed my pots of lilies along the foot path. When they were in bloom, people came to admire them. I not only became the gardener (sadly unpaid)of NTU, I became an "expert" of growing a temperate lily in tropical Singapore.

The popular amaryllis seen in grocery stores and blooming around Christmas is most likely a Hippeastrum.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dianthus barbatus (sweet william)

Dianthus barbatus (sweet william) is a species of Dianthus native to southern Europe and parts of Asia which has become a popular ornamental garden plant. It is a herbaceous biennial or short-lived perennial plant growing to 30–75 cm tall, with flowers in a dense cluster of up to 30 at the top of the stems. Each flower is 2–3 cm diameter with five petals displaying serrated edges. Wild plants produce red flowers with a white base, but colours in cultivars range from white, pink, red, and purple or with variegated patterns.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Feijoa flower

Feijoa flower, a delicious fruit that grows here, but came from South America.

Buy and sell with new Kiwi shopping site with no commission or listing fees.

I was watching television last evening. More and more people are shopping online. It beats being in a traffic jam, looking for a parking space and queuing to pay for your purchases. With my busy schedule of a writer, I like the idea.  You can compare prices and products without leaving home. You may like it too.

There is a new way to buy and sell in New Zealand with Kiwi site/app SellShed. With no commission structure or listing fees, people can now buy and sell clothing, accessories, vehicles and much more for free easily on their smartphone or on the web. It’s easy to use, and free to download. For more information, please go to this link.
Welcome to SellShed

Monday, October 20, 2014

Chicken pox, to vaccinate or not, that's the question.

child healed back after staph infection of blisters.

My daughter D had this year traveled to USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Hong Kong and China. On Thursday, this week, she is flying back to New Zealand again.

We always remember when she was nine years old, we had planned a trip involving three countries and ten stops involving flying.

One third through our holiday, we were celebrating her ninth birthday at a place akin to lollyland. She was under the water, and not enjoying her birthday at all. Then my grandmother noticed the spots on her arms and back. She say D was having chicken pox.

I felt I was such a terrible mother. We had to stay in that town for a week. The airline said that we couldn't fly.

Our holiday was ruined. We were cooped up in the hotel room with a sick nine years old and a four year old. To make it worst, we didn't have travel insurance, and our tickets were forfeited.

That was our worst case scenario of our holiday. It was twenty years ago. If only there were vaccinations at that time.

Chicken pox is still around, I work in a primary school. Every now and then, we get a child with chicken pox.

What is chicken pox?

Chickenpox, is also known as varicella. It is a highly infectious disease caused by the varicella zoster virus. After recovery from chickenpox the virus stays dormant (inactive) in the nerves near the spine. Years later the virus can become active again and cause herpes zoster which is also known as shingles.

The General Manager of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) New Zealand, Anna Stove, says due to thesignificant  complications  and  high  risk  of  secondary  infection,  the  Ministry  of  Healthrecommends  Kiwi  children  are  vaccinated  for  the  chickenpox  virus. 

Generations  of  NewZealanders have been deliberately exposed to chickenpox in the past by parents seeking to ensure  their  child  contracted  the  disease  at  an  early  stage  in  their  development  through attending chickenpox parties. What many parents are not aware of is that there is a risk ofsecondary infection and that the disease is preventable.

GSK are makers of the Varilrix® chickenpox vaccine, first licensed for use in 1994 and currentlyapproved for  use  in  96  countries  including New Zealand,  Australia,  the  United States  andGermany.

Stove says the chickenpox vaccine has been shown to provide at least 20 years of protection,as that is the length of time vaccinated people have been followed.8

She says in countries like New Zealand, chickenpox commonly circulates in the community  anda person's  immunity  is  likely  to  be continually  boosted,  providing long-term protection  after vaccination.

For more information on immunisation in New Zealand visit

Varilrix® (live attenuated varicella vaccine) is available as an injection.  Varilrix is a private-purchaseprescription  medicine  for  immunisation  and  prophylaxis  against  varicella  (chickenpox)  in  adults  and children older than 9 months. You will need to pay for this medicine. Varilrix is funded for certain high-riskgroups and their contacts. Children aged 13 years and older need two doses with an interval betweendoses of at least 6 weeks. Two doses at least 6 weeks apart are also recommended for children agedbetween 9 months and 12 years, to provide optimal protection. Use strictly as directed.  Do not have aVarilrix  injection if you are allergic to Varilrix or to the antibiotic neomycin, if you have a high fever, if youhave a condition that causes lack of immunocompetence, or if you are pregnant.  Pregnancy should beavoided for 3 months after vaccination.  Tell your doctor before you have the vaccine if  you have alowered resistance to disease or have a severe chronic disease.  Common side effects: mild rash, asmall number of chicken-pox-like blisters, or pain, redness and swelling at the injection site. Uncommonside effects include fever, headache, cough, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes, and joint pain.  If you haveany side effects,  see your doctor,  pharmacist,  or  health professional.   Additional Consumer MedicineInformation for Varilrix is available at  Prices for Varilrix may vary across doctor;sclinics.  Normal doctor's office visit fees apply.  Ask your doctor if  Varilrix is right for you.  Varilrix is aregistered trade mark of  the GlaxoSmithKline group of  companies.  Marketed by GlaxoSmithKline NZLimited, Auckland.  TAPS No NA 7386/SE14/VAR/0020/14.

Adverse  events  involving  GlaxoSmithKline  products  should  be  reported  to  GSK  MedicalInformation on 0800 808 500.

Friday, October 17, 2014

flowers of anise hyssop

The leaves and tiny lavender-blue flowers of anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) smell and taste of anise, but its square stems and opposite leaves tell you it belongs to a different family entirely, the Lamiaceae (Labiatae), or mint family. The leaves look a bit like catnip, another mint-family member, but larger. Herb lovers claim it as a culinary herb,

Flowers: Polygala myrtifolia

Polygala myrtifolia

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Petitioning The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

Publicly condemn the comments by fashion designer Denise L'estrange that "clothes look better on skinny people"

    1. kelly pope
    2. Petition by
      christchurch, New Zealand

      Discussing the recent display of Glassons manequins with visible ribs on TV One's "Breakfast" show this morning, fashion designer Denise L'estrange commented that those concerned need to "get a life".
       "Let's face it, clothes look better on skinny people," she told the show.
      While these comments have shocked New Zealanders for their insensitivity, the fact that Denise has a background in mental health promotion is even more disappointing, especially given the huge number of young women (and others) struggling with eating disorders - a mental illness linked with huge stigma, discrimination and an alarmingly high mortality rate.
      Over the past years the Mental Health Foundation has had close links with Denise, accepting her high-profile support, and championing her story of recovery from depression.
      The Mental Health Foundation is the voice that challenges stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness in New Zealand, and in this role has highlighted a number of issues where attitudes expressed by public figures or in the media have contributed to stigma.
      This important counter-discrimination role in society, as well as the Foundation's established relationship with Denise L'estrange, make it imperative that the Mental Health Foundation call out these comments.
      The Mental Health Foundation has led the way in acknowledging the social causes of mental distress, with campaigns such as the Five Winning Ways to Wellbeing, which highlight how everyday experiences contribute to wellbeing.
      This and the fact that research shows the link between social pressures of thinness and eating disorders (many times eating disorders begin as a benign attempt to diet) should prompt the Mental Health Foundation to publicly condemn the views expressed by Denise.
      "If walking past a store with a mannequin with its ribs showing is going to offend you or make you think that it's encouraging people to starve themselves, then I really think you may need to find better things to do with your life."
       Comments such as this overlook how glorified thinness can be a trigger for many people recovering from eating disorders, and contribute to stigma and discrimination against people with eating disorders. They should not be coming from someone who champions mental health recovery and social inclusion.
      Sign this petition to call on the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand to join the opposition to Denise's comments by publicly condemning them.
      The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
      Publicly condemn the comments by fashion designer Denise L'estrange that "clothes look better on skinny people"
      [Your name]

      • ,


      Reasons for signing



Save the world: Too skinny mannequins

Women's clothing giant Glassons is backtracking on its use of skinny mannequins, apologising to customers for the "unattainable depiction of women".
The apology, released this evening, follows a strong public backlash and an online petition - which attracted 16,000 signatures in a day - demanding removal of the mannequins, which featured visible ribs.
Hallenstein Glasson Chief executive Graeme Popplewell said the company agreed its mannequins were unacceptable.
He had ordered their removal from display in all stores.
"While these mannequins are not new to the business, we have taken on-board the feedback of New Zealand women in its entirety, and we unreservedly apologise for any upset we may have caused those who viewed the store displays," he said.
"The removal of the offending mannequins is effective immediately and once again we wish to reiterate how truly sorry we are to the women of New Zealand," he said.

We're sorry for featuring display mannequins which have been described as an unattainable depiction of women. We agree that the mannequins are unacceptable, and we have removed them from all stores. While these mannequins are not new to the business, we have taken on-board the feedback in its entirety, and we unreservedly apologise for any upset we may have caused those who viewed the store displays. The removal of the offending mannequins is effective immediately and once again we wish to reiterate how truly sorry we are. We would also like to reassure you that in future a more rigorous selection process will be adhered to for its point of sale display mannequins. Hallenstein Glasson CEO, Graeme Popplewell.

A skinny rib sticking out mannequin is the centre of a discussion in New Zealand.

I just happened to have taken this photo of the company, but not the branch concerned. These mannequins are fully clothes. You can see they are very skinny.

I personally think it is irresponsible for companies to do that. Mannequins can lead to young girls leading to projecting eating disorders, anorexia nervosa,"thinspiration," girls starving themselves to death, or the rise in hospital admissions of young women with eating disorders, increasing obsession with cosmetic surgery,
What do you think?
Does the mannequin promote an unhealthy body image?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Albert and the Motat Tram and his sons

Chans keep track of trams' return

Last updated 05:00 27/05/2011



TRAM FAMILY: Vincent Chan, his father Albert and brother Leyton are all Motat volunteers. They are standing in front of Tram 47 at Motat.

May be they are related to me, my madam name is Chan. In 2009, I did a blog post on Albert.

Albert and the Motat Tram.

This is an edited post of my original post of the tram driver Albert Chan I did in 2009. This tram goes along my favourite part of Auckland, Western Springs. I always take my visitors.

Volunteer Albert Chan has been turning up to Motat for more than 30 years to work as a tram driver.

The Henderson resident is one of many people who give their time to make sure the museum runs smoothly.

Albert got involved around 1976 after a former workmate, who used to drive the trams, invited him to have a look around.

Chan is my madam name, Albert must be my long lost cousin. LOL

Albert's photo is courtesy Central leader.

Update: I read yesterday that Albert has interested his sons and nephew to join him. What an amazing family. Choo! Choo! Chak! Chak!

This will be for another post.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

wild flowers

To the West of Auckland, there were big patches of these beautiful flowers. I told the water engineer, when I die, I like to lie among God's creation. None of those man grown flowers. I doubt he would send Sam out west to pick the flowers to put on top of my coffin.

I think these are clovers.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My book CV

Auckland University library and the Auckland city libraries, Sarawak Council Libraries are circulating all my books.

Publish info:
Auckland : Ann Kit Suet Chin, 2013.
21st century, New Zealand fiction
Ann (3) chin (3) kit (3) suet (3)
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Small Cover Image
Publish info:
Auckland : Ann Kit Suet Chin, 2014.
21st century, New Zealand fiction
Ann (3) chin (3) kit (3) suet (3)
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Small Cover Image
Publish info:
[Auckland, N.Z. : Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan, 2013]
Family, History, Chinese, Chin, Ann Kit Suet, Chan family, Kong family, 20th century, Malaysia
chin (9) Ann (5) kit (5) suet (5)
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Small Cover Image
"This is a real life story of losing one's only son. This experience has made the author strong and caring. This tragedy has been a great…
Publish info:
[Auckland, N.Z.] : A.K.S. Chin, 2011.
Psychological aspects, Diaries, Loss (Psychology), Parents of terminally ill children, Bereavement, Chin, Ann Kit Suet, New Zealand
chin (5) Ann (4) kit (4) suet (4)
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"This is a real life story of losing one's only son. This experience has made the author strong and caring. This tragedy has been a great…