Friday, April 26, 2013

The lashop/photography and lighting.

Helped My Style To Get New Equipment
I bought some new photography studio equipment because I was tired of the same old stuff I had laying around the studio. Sometimes it’s important to just get a breath of fresh air in the form of new stuff, maybe you’ll find inspiration in a new lens or a new backdrop, something that you may not think would make a big difference, but could end up influencing the way you do things for a long time. Some of the stuff I got was a new bunch of photography lighting equipment, I really thought that would help me see things in a new way, and think outside the box, perhaps a bit more creatively. And to be honest, it’s working. Just having something new to toy around with, set up different shadows, different brightness levels, and all that, it’s fantastic. I’m really thankful I found the website because there is a wide selection of materials and equipment that a moderately amateur photographer like myself can use. I don’t need what the use in sports illustrated or vogue, I just need something to help me take photos, it’s a passion, a side project. I have a normal job, it’s not that I’m trying to get rich off my photos, though I wouldn’t complain. But as in anything I do, I want to do it right, so I want to get equipment that is pro level. That’s why I decked out my studio with all that new stuff. Now when I’m downstairs working on a project, whatever it may be, I can feel like a pro, and who knows, that could lead some day to my actually working with photos and making an income that way. I figure if I don’t put all my eggs in that basket, maybe one of them will hatch anyway.

This is  a sponsored post.

Sky watch Friday/sunday bridge/scenic sunday: Bridge in Hong Kong

Ferry Terminal in Hongkong. Using archives.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mint flower

Mint flowers can be used the same way as leaves. These are flowers from my mint plant. 

Mint flowers can be used the same way as leaves. These are flowers from my mint plant. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flowers: Bromeliads

These flowers are incredible.  The top plant is in my garden, subjected to drought and neglect, she actually gave me a pretty flower. The bottom photo, was one of many bromeliads we grew in the YMCA's instant garden we grew last week, in the MABC community weekend.

Sunday Bridge: Port Mann bridge


My friend Ivy Ngui sent me this photo.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The sad story of my Stevia plant, killed by the computer virus.

My friend told me about this plant Stevia which is used a a sugar substitute. I have not tried using my plant, and it looks like a beautiful pot plant. The girl at the garden centre told me I have to bring it indoors in winter. She also tells me by adding a few leaves in my cup of tea will sweeten my tea. As a scary cat, I have not tried it yet. My plant I bought in New Zealand looks different from Wikipeadia. Supersized stevia! This is undoubtedly the most robust variety of stevia that we have ever seen. The whole plant has a sturdy upright look with strong thick stems and monstrous leaves that can exceed 10cm/4" long and 5cm/2" across. Even when grown in pots the plants reach heights of 90cm/36" or more. Taste is similar to regular stevia. "You can't believe how sweet this plant is! Stevia leaves are 10 times sweeter than sugar, but have almost no calories and lack the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. Refined Stevia has been available for years at health stores as an all-natural alternative to sugar. Now is your chance to grow the plant at home. Plants grow to 3' tall and are only hardy to zone 10. In the winter, bring it indoors and use it as a house plant"

Skywatch Friday: at Pt Chevalier beach for LIly

It was a beautiful Saturday when my friend Lily Sui got baptized  It was low tide and we walked about 100 meters. It was a picturesque sky.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lily's Baptism at Pt Chevalier.


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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Haru Ga Kita (Spring Has Come)

Happy Spring to all my Northern Hemisphere friends.

I learn this song when I was in school. It came back to me when I had to teach the seasons. My kids knew it wasn't an English song. I asked my student Hinami to practise it. We both sang, 

I learn this song in English when I was in school. It came back to me when I had to teach the seasons. I found the Japanese version. My kids knew it wasn't an English song. I asked my student Hinami to practise it. We both sang,

Haru Ga Kita (Spring Has Come)

Haru ga kita
Haru ga kita
Doko ni kita?
Yama ni kita
Sato ni kita
No ni mo kita

Hana ga saku
Hana ga saku
Doko ni saku?
Yama ni saku
Sato ni saku
No ni mo saku

Tori ga naku
Tori ga naku
Doko de naku?
Yama de naku
Sato de naku
No de mo naku

春が来た 春が来た どこに来た
山に来た 里に来た 野にも来た
花が咲く 花が咲く どこに咲く
山に咲く 里に咲く 野にも咲く
鳥がなく 鳥がなく どこでなく
山でなく 里でなく 野でもなく

Spring time has come, come,
Spring time has come, come,
Where has spring time come,
Up on the mountains,
Down in the valleys,
And here in our homes.

New Zealand Mayonnaise recipe

My oldest daughter is my biggest fan. My 70 something aunties loved it too. They said it makes the mouth very refreshing.

1/2 can condensed milk, ( more if a thicker sauce is desired)
1/2 can vinegar, ( any type,)
1/2 can oil, ( any type preferably olive oil)
1 raw egg yoke.
1 teasp salt
1/2 tablesp mustard, ( more if desired)

If you think it is too sweet, you can buy unsweetened condensed milk.

( when you start, empty 1/2 can milk in a bowl, use the can as measuring instrument, saves on washing.)

Gives you 2 small jam bottles. Good for parties, for home use, I give one bottle to my friend)

All items except OIL. in blender, SLOWEST speed until mixture is mixed well.
Slowly dribble oil into mixture, SLOWEST speed until thickened.
Put in bottles in fridge, the mixture will thicken more in the fridge.

1: as a dip, serve in a bowl place in the middle of
salad. LOOKS very nice.
2: Mixed with Veges as veges salad, celery, onion (red and white)
3: Mixed with fruits as fruit salad
4: Mixed with cubes ,frozen veges: Macaroni
5: Mixed with cubes ,frozen veges : cubed boiled potatoes
6: Mixed with cubes ; frozen veges : Boiled rice

Ideas: Use any fruit or veges you fancy, the more color the better.

Cool everything before you mix, and chill before you serve.

If using apples, either soak in salt/lemon water, or cut last, and mixed mayonnaise so that apples cubes don't brown.

Can use hard boiled eggs as garnish( sliced) or cubed inside the salad.

Good for parties as it is easy to make, macaroni is best as you don't have to peel and cut the potatoes.
You can use it with cabbage to make a delicious cole slaw.

The mayonnaise will keep in the fridge, but I recommend not more than 2 weeks because of the raw egg, though my scientifically inclined friends say, the mixing of egg and vinegar would have cooked it.

I always use the big spiral macaroni because they "trap" more of the mayonnaise. Boil till soft.

Add cubes of celery, red, yellow and green capsicum, tomatoes, cucumber and spring onion.

Add my home made New Zealand Mayonnaise, see my previous post.

Chill until ready to serve.

For a non vegetarain Salad, you can add ham, or chicken.

You can make a sea food pasta salad with prawns or crab meat.

Reflection: New Zealand mayonnaise.

This bowl of salad was made by my daughter.
I am missing my big girl again. She's gone across the ocean, and I don't know when she will be back.  She is the biggest fan of my delicious New Zealand mayonnaise. An old Kiwi friend taught me 30 years ago, and now I see them on sale in supermarkets.

This is a very delicious recipe made popular by me to countries from Nepal, to Ukraine, to Russia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Ghana and most countries. This is because lecturers from all over the world come and teach in NTU, in Singapore. They wanted my recipe. It's not my original recipe.

During the 16 years I was in Singapore, with other faculty wives, we made food and sold them to other wives to raise funds for our Charity. We supported the Deaf in Kenya. I made Malaysian curry with saffron rice, and this macaroni salad.

This meme asks for reflection. I am posting my reflection of the time I was in Singapore. A time I was involved in a lot of charities. A time I was able to do these charities because I have great friends to work together. I am reflecting on the good friends I made. Just as I am writing this, a friend from Australia has private messaged me. I still keep contact with many of these friends.

These photos make me reflect on the time when NTU came to support me in my appeal to raise funds to separate the pair of Siamese twins. The young woman sitting on the hospital bed is the mother.

Time has changed, I do not do such charities any more. I do another kind. I teach ESOL to international students in my church. I also worked in the busy bee in the community gardens. I praise God that he gave me hands.

Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. 

REFLECTION (Mirror, Glass, River, Thoughtful,...)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sunday Bridge at Kai Chung School

Recently, I found on Facebook two colleagues I taught with in 1975 before I went to Canada.  Lynn and Lim SL. Naturally we got very nostalgic especially about the students. It was a small town and many of us stayed on the school grounds or nearby.

During last year's reunion, Francis Chen took me to pay my respects to the Principal, Ting Pang Kheng, I told him I remembered him, and he didn't remember this anecdote. I am telling this again.

The then principal had asked me to start the Geography club, and I was there during the inaugural meeting where they chose the committee. They wanted to make a model of the school, and I was very pleased to have a good group. Pang Keng was one of them. They were very enthusiastic, using real measurements.

The next time I saw them, they had made a model the size of table tennis table. I was flabbergasted, I expected a coffee table size model. Where was the school going to display such a big thing. I promised I would go to the principal. Luckily, the principal said, since it was already made, he would let them put it in the library.

Whew!!!!! From then on, I knew Pang Keng had the determination, drive  and dedication. 3 Ds to make it big.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mt Albert Baptist Church Community Service weekend.

 The nerve centre, Patricia and Kay directing where all the workers should go.
 The workers, young and old, and Josh.
The water engineer. (Below) loves his water.
 This was Before, barely surviving Hen and Chicks fern. I gave them a bad hair cut.
 Beautiful bromeliards, makes me think of fGrand Pa's pineapple garden when I was young in Borneo.
 Posing with the YMCA manager Jill.
 Robyn working very hard.
 Finished garden.  Come back in two weeks.
Today and tomorrow is our Love where you Live Community Service weekend. Together with The YMCA manager Jill Gibson and our church member Robyn (who also works at YMCA) the water engineer spent this morning transforming a drought stricken garden into a beautiful instant garden at YMCA.

It was good to have a man to do the digging. And I brought my camera to capture some of the hard working people.

Love Where You Live, a Community Service Weekend, is on this Saturday and Sunday - 13-14th April. We're inviting everyone in the area to love where they live by making this an even better place to live. As such, a number of community agencies are coming together this weekend around some key projects. Can you join us and get the word out to all your friends and networks too?

Official projects will include: Gardening, litter collection, painting, building, random acts of kindness, Salvation Army & food bank drop offs and much

All the details of the projects and how to get involved can be found at