Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reflection: New Zealand mayonnaise.

This bowl of salad was made by my daughter.
I am missing my big girl again. She's gone across the ocean, and I don't know when she will be back.  She is the biggest fan of my delicious New Zealand mayonnaise. An old Kiwi friend taught me 30 years ago, and now I see them on sale in supermarkets.

This is a very delicious recipe made popular by me to countries from Nepal, to Ukraine, to Russia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Ghana and most countries. This is because lecturers from all over the world come and teach in NTU, in Singapore. They wanted my recipe. It's not my original recipe.

During the 16 years I was in Singapore, with other faculty wives, we made food and sold them to other wives to raise funds for our Charity. We supported the Deaf in Kenya. I made Malaysian curry with saffron rice, and this macaroni salad.

This meme asks for reflection. I am posting my reflection of the time I was in Singapore. A time I was involved in a lot of charities. A time I was able to do these charities because I have great friends to work together. I am reflecting on the good friends I made. Just as I am writing this, a friend from Australia has private messaged me. I still keep contact with many of these friends.

These photos make me reflect on the time when NTU came to support me in my appeal to raise funds to separate the pair of Siamese twins. The young woman sitting on the hospital bed is the mother.

Time has changed, I do not do such charities any more. I do another kind. I teach ESOL to international students in my church. I also worked in the busy bee in the community gardens. I praise God that he gave me hands.

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