Friday, April 12, 2013

Mt Albert Baptist Church Community Service weekend.

 The nerve centre, Patricia and Kay directing where all the workers should go.
 The workers, young and old, and Josh.
The water engineer. (Below) loves his water.
 This was Before, barely surviving Hen and Chicks fern. I gave them a bad hair cut.
 Beautiful bromeliards, makes me think of fGrand Pa's pineapple garden when I was young in Borneo.
 Posing with the YMCA manager Jill.
 Robyn working very hard.
 Finished garden.  Come back in two weeks.
Today and tomorrow is our Love where you Live Community Service weekend. Together with The YMCA manager Jill Gibson and our church member Robyn (who also works at YMCA) the water engineer spent this morning transforming a drought stricken garden into a beautiful instant garden at YMCA.

It was good to have a man to do the digging. And I brought my camera to capture some of the hard working people.

Love Where You Live, a Community Service Weekend, is on this Saturday and Sunday - 13-14th April. We're inviting everyone in the area to love where they live by making this an even better place to live. As such, a number of community agencies are coming together this weekend around some key projects. Can you join us and get the word out to all your friends and networks too?

Official projects will include: Gardening, litter collection, painting, building, random acts of kindness, Salvation Army & food bank drop offs and much

All the details of the projects and how to get involved can be found at

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