Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sunday Bridge at Kai Chung School

Recently, I found on Facebook two colleagues I taught with in 1975 before I went to Canada.  Lynn and Lim SL. Naturally we got very nostalgic especially about the students. It was a small town and many of us stayed on the school grounds or nearby.

During last year's reunion, Francis Chen took me to pay my respects to the Principal, Ting Pang Kheng, I told him I remembered him, and he didn't remember this anecdote. I am telling this again.

The then principal had asked me to start the Geography club, and I was there during the inaugural meeting where they chose the committee. They wanted to make a model of the school, and I was very pleased to have a good group. Pang Keng was one of them. They were very enthusiastic, using real measurements.

The next time I saw them, they had made a model the size of table tennis table. I was flabbergasted, I expected a coffee table size model. Where was the school going to display such a big thing. I promised I would go to the principal. Luckily, the principal said, since it was already made, he would let them put it in the library.

Whew!!!!! From then on, I knew Pang Keng had the determination, drive  and dedication. 3 Ds to make it big.


Kate said...

Reunions are so sweet. . .as is that walking bridge. Hope y'all had a great time together again.

Reader Wil said...

Hi Ann! I wish you a safe journey to Australia! And a happy holiday!