Saturday, March 30, 2013

What's a tent doing in a Church.

Last Sunday, my pastor Jonathan Dove turned Scientist. My husband who is a university  lecturer likes Jonathan's sermon very much. You never know what he springs at you and captures your attention.

Today, he was talking about Geometry, about a square, a circle and a triangle and asked how we could assemble it. I discussed with the person next to me, and all I could think of was a 2 dimensional, square, circle and triangle. Out popped this red and yellow child's tent. My attention is grabbed.

The man in the photo is not Jonathan.
You can read about his last week's sermon.

Jesus is risen He is indeed

My Sis Grace sent this photo of my nephew. I don't know if he popped out of the egg.

Stay mellow with yellow!


I went to my friend Margaret's house and her son gave her this lovely pot of Hatiora. It reminds me of the which blooms at night. This is grown by my brother Joseph in Australia.

Hatiora is a genus of epiphytic cacti.

Sky and Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA.


My friend Ivy Ngui took this photo.

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Internet and my neem trees.

 It was a little pencil sized twig. Now it is still a small sapling compared to the big tree.
 The ground was rock solid. it kept falling. I probed it up. When I leave, the neighbour took care of it. When it fell after a thunderstorm. They took care of Aunty Ann's tree. Now they had gone, the tree is strong enough to stand up. You can see how big the branch that had grown horizronal.
 Didn't get the exact apartment, the extreme right, you see a little bit where the hornbill came.
 Tags, the leaves are the neem leaves.
The lounge part of the apartment. Many people from all over the world had come to my house. Dad love coming. NTU used to me Nanyang University, Nan Da, built by the money raised by the Chinese people of Singapore, Malaya and Sarawak. Dan and Grandpa were actively fund raisers.
Here we did Tai Chi.

Many years ago, back in 2000, when I was not in bloggerland and Facebook planet, I was interested in plants. This story is incredible to many and it does sound like fiction.

Most week day mornings, I meet with fellow ex-patriot wives at this very spot, a car park of our Nanyang View Apartments. While we HOO SEE HOO SEE, we also talk. Important issues  like a natural mosquito repellent, as we were were plant enthusiastic people.

The plant NEEM came up, and I googled. I came to the site of the world renown professor in India. I emailed him, and he said he had just been to Singapore, and thanked my ladies for our interest.

He referred me to the person in charged in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and he had a bundle of cuttings for me.  He just happened to be in the office next to my friend, a fellow faculty wife.

That evening, I got my precious bundle of 10. I gave some to my friends, one took it to Malacca and it grew.

My two grew, and I "planted" them illegally. Every now and then, NTU management team send workers to chop of the "illegally" planted trees. My trees survived because the Malay cutters know it is good UBAT/ medicine.

I went back last year, I saw tags, apparently, during the Youth Olympics, they had a land clearing exercie and clear ed the bush. The workers again saved my little trees. They are tagged and no one is allowed to chop them down.

Besides the trees, I show you the apartments where I spent 16 years of my adult life with dirt in my finger nails, an unlikely professor's wife.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Lilies in New Zealand

Scientific Name

Amaryllis belladonna L.

Common Names

amaryllis, belladonna, belladonna lily, Easter lily, Jersey lily, , naked ladies, naked lady, pink belladonna lily

They are called Naked lilies because there are no leaves at this time.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

400-year old Fangsheng Bridge , Zhujiajiao, China.


Courtesy: Ivy Ngui, my girl friend from High school. She travels a lot and I asked her tto send me photos as I am running out of bridges.


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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flowers: Forget me not

These lovely tiny little flowers are called Forget-me-nots. I found them one day when the water engineer and I were climbing Mt Albert. I didn't bring our camera that day and I couldn't resist but take some home so I can take this pix. The water engineer cheekily says that I am a flower thief.

They grow in patches and are very beautiful. For Jay who had left Auckland for a long time, I post this for him.

Mt Albert Baptist church is near to AIS, Auckland Internatitonal School where many foreign students come to study English. On Sundays, they come to worship during the family service. I try to welcome them as much as I can remembering I was an International student myself in Canada and New Zealand.

I always send them an email with this pix telling them that they are welcomed to forward it to their friends and family. This pix has gone round the world via emails and blogs.

passion fruit

It's in our genes to have dirt under our finger nails. We could be a lawyer, professor, professor's wife, prinicipal, we just love to play with the dirt, and nurture the plants.

Our grandfather Kong's had a farm let, a sort of experimental farm. Uncle Seng Shui had connection with the Agricultural Department. He planted new plants with seeds and seedling. We had passion fruits which he called New Zealand Orange before anyone else had them.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunset and Bridge in China

It is fantastic when your students become your friends. I am privileged that they allow me to use their photos.
My friend Tionsan Tomas went to China and took this photo. "Hu Man Ta Chew"  He went to Kwang Zhou or canton, the land of my ancestral home.

I am going back to my roots and have added my Chinese name in my blog.