Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flowers, Sands Manukau

It's ok to cry and the beautiful women.

I saw these plant with flowers growing on a footpath.
To me they look beautiful.
You can wear them like a necklace.
Sadly their beauty are often overlooked.

I think of the Sands Members who work so hard in their voluntary.
I think of Sarah who at all hours of the day.
I think of her driving to the hospital.
To meet and comfort parents facing the death of their baby.
I think of Sarah going to meet  newbie bereaved parents.
I think of Sarah driving to a coffee group for the bereaved.
I think of Sarah driving to a monthly meeting.

Toyota NZ is giving cars to charitable organisations.
I think how great if Sands Manukau wins one of the car.
A New Zealand Facebook owner can make that possible.
If they will just click and vote once.


Modern Mom said...

These are pretty. Hope you'd find time to visit my entry.

Liz said...

How pretty.

Yellow Lantana

Tina´s PicStory said...

thanx :)