Monday, August 29, 2016

Yellow" Kuih Pie Ti

Kueh Pie Ti in a paranakan restaurant in Singapore. memories of my friends I made when I was living there. It is a little fried cup a bit like taco.

I went to this restaurant 5 times. I was impressed by their service. The last time I was there, I left my pink reading glasses. The next day, I realised I lost it some where, it was day before I left for NZ, and I was upset because it was prescription glasses. I went to the shop, and the waitress recognised me, and gave me my glasses. Whew!!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Thursday Challenge: Ground

The current theme is "Ground" (Things on the ground, Soil, Garden, Lawn,...). Next theme is Expensive (Clothes, Cars, Jewelry, Money, Gold, Coins,...)

Posting begins approximately Thursday 1am UTC (Wed 8pm EST, Wed 5pm PST, Thu 11am AEST) at

flowers" calathea anaconda cobra


friday flowers:miniature roses in winter.

these are miniature roses in winter.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How to make enzyme.

I am rather a laggard in experimenting in this exercise of turning garbage into Enzyme.

In 2009, I visited Malaysia and Singapore and I was introduced to making a multi purpose cleanser. A friend whose husband is a university professor gave me some leaflets of information of how a Thai inventor had started this. I was naturally sceptical. What good can come out of a third world country like Thailand.

Recently, I was talking to my sister E who had just retired as a school principal. I was telling her about my over abundance of plums from my plum trees. We talked about Enzyme, and she was very happy with hers. She said her floor was very clean after using it. I felt convinced to give it a try.

Here it is.

The proportion is 1 part brown sugar, 3 parts fruit and/or vegetable waste, 10 parts of water.


1: Mix sugar with water, add the fruit/veg, orange/lemon peels will give a nice citrus smell.

2: Fill in air tight plastic containers/bottles, leaving about 2 inches for fermentation.


1: Mix sugar with water, add the fruit/veg, orange/lemon peels will give a nice citrus smell.

2: Fill in air tight plastic containers/bottles, leaving about 2 inches for fermentation.

3: Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated area.

4: Do not put it where there is direct sunlight.

5: After the first week, slowly open the cap to release gas, be sure not to shake the bottle.

6: Push the floating veg downward every once in a while.

7: Ferment for at least 3 months.

8: Filter and it is ready for use. You get a brownish fluid.

9: The solids can be put in the garden as fertiliser. Some people recycle this to restart a new batch.

10: Add about 1 tablespoon to your normal washing solution.

Sometimes you get a  jelly like layer is a scoby……see Cheng…Aunt Cheng… in this you see the jelly like layer..this is also used as a mother to make kombucha tea…


The dishes are less oily, but it could be psychological.

I asked my friends in Malaysia, one told me an interesting use, her husband sprays it in her bird cage, and gives the cage a good smell.

Some people make a lot of claims about being environmentally friendly and saving money. I don't know about saving money, because you spent quite a bit on the brown sugar. Environmentally friendly, perhaps, since you reduce the use of detergent. I am still experimenting, I have started a batch with my apples.

Please give me your opinion.

Remember: The proportion is 1 part brown sugar, 3 parts fruit and/or vegetable waste, 10 parts of water.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

friday photos Brom

Thursday Challenge: Camellia blooms falling on the ground.

"GROUND (1 of 2 weeks)" (Things on the ground, Soil, Garden, Lawn,...)

Friday, August 19, 2016

My exx pastor remembers his dead son.

Eleven years ago we faced the devastating stillborn arrival of Toby Jack (TJ). Robyn and I visited his burial spot today with the anticipation of seeing him on the other side of this life. Looking back I am still so grateful for the support of people from all over the world who journeyed with us in this first taste of parenting. Each of you holds a special place in our lives.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is dine and dash a crime?

theft is theft, why go pigout when you have no intention of paying. Someone has to pay for your callous action. Almost 40 years ago, I was waitressing to help pay my university fees. An idiot came and ate and dashed. The bill was not much, but I got a ear full the rest of the evening. The boss said, next time it happens, we dock your pay.

Police are refusing to prosecute diners who run off without paying for meals.

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Annalize Chiew Would you have tried to stop him if you could, and probably injure yourself?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Disposable potato plates

Ngarimu on his red scooter as he went around the grounds to see if we were working well.

Zero-waste Strategy Management: Here's the Volunteers at work. Dressed in our official crew kowhai/yellow or kikorangi/blue T-shirt and cow boy hat, we trudged our kikorangi/blue and kakariki/green bins to our different stations. By chance, I got involved in Ngarimu's Zero waste program. Ngarimu also sourced cutlery and plates made of potatoes which is 10-0% biodegradable.

Sometimes, it is inevitable that we have to use disposable cutlery and crockery. The convenience outweighs the tedious job of washing up like a big picnic or party.

I am very proud to be associated with Ngarimu and his Ngati Whatua Maori people in leading the zero waste movement in New Zealand. During our Waitangi Day, Ngarimu led a whole army of volunteers to teach tens of thousands of festival goers recycling.

To walk the talk, Ngarimu supplied cutlery and crockery made of potato. These special disposable forks, spoons, knives and plates went to the worms at the worm farms on the Marea.

These food fed the army of workers and volunteers. The yummy food came in big containers at lunch time. Ka Pai aka good job. No need for too much washing up and harmful detergent.

Can you see the beige colour forks, knives and plates?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Red: ABC Letter F for Funnel

A funnel is the smokestack or chimney on a ship used to expel boiler steam and smoke or engine exhaust. They are also commonly referred to as stacks.
When I was young, my dad used to drive us in his Fiat to the little playground in Sibu near to the temple. We felt very proud that ocean going ship could come to Sibu as we were 90 miles from the sea.

Dad proceeded to tell us he went to London in a P & O line when I was 20 months old.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

how I wish to be a child again. New York, New York Kovan

3rd ~ Oooooo

 On the second last day of my holidays in Singapore, My friend and ex neighbour E in NTU took me to a Paranakan Restaurant and then to this place New York, New York for coffee. In case, there are many branches, this was at Kovan.
 I looked at this machine and had a pang of nostalgia. When I was little, my aunt had a shop with a machine like this. It never failed to amaze me how, one table spoon of sugar can be spun to a big ball of candy floss.
 The waiter Eric Toh was very attentive and kindly offered to make one for me.
 For free. Pssst!
 Thanks Eric.Your boss should be very happy with your PR work.  To my friend Meg in Canada, Sorry you missed out on this. I was looking high and low for you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Red: Chinese cupping therapy marks,

It was Gwyneth Paltrow who made this popular in the western world, And Jennifer Aniston is also doing it. I usu go after a long drawn flu when western med is not working. Cupping is in the news again with the Olympics games. Mark Phelps found it helpful.
I remember when I took this photo. Chinese doctor could write out a MC. So I took this photo to show my boss I really was sick.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dinosaurs spotted in Auckland parks

Dinosaurs spotted in Auckland parks

Mixed reality play gets kids outside

Published: 6 July 2016
Mixed reality play (1) 

Auckland Council has partnered with innovative New Zealand mixed reality experience designers GeoAR Games to get kids off the couch and outside to play, ahead of the winter school holidays.

The parks that will host the trial are:
  1. Long Bay Regional Park, Beach Road, Long Bay - near the Variety playground
  2. Onepoto Domain, Onewa Road, Northcote – near the Community Hall
  3. Victoria Park, Beaumont Street end, Auckland Central - near the skate park
  4. Auckland Domain, 20 Park Road, Auckland Central – one area behind the Auckland War Memorial Museum and another near the duck ponds
  5. Okahu Bay Reserve, 14 Tamaki Drive, Orakei – opposite the beach, near Watene Crescent
  6. Roberta Reserve, 20-22 Roberta Ave, Glendowie
  7. Harbourview People’s Park, Te Atatu Road and Gloria Ave roundabout, Te Atatu Peninsula
  8. Pukekohe Hill Reserve, 340 Anzac Road, Pukekohe – below the loop road
Each park has a game specifically designed for it and the games cannot be played outside the designated areas within the park.
“The game spaces will be in specified areas within the parks and reserves and will be signposted. Boundaries are pre-programmed to black out and show warning signs to stop children running into hazards or onto roads,” says Councillor Fletcher.
Players can go to GeoAR Games if they need game support

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

KeepAble Cancer Community Centre , Malaysia

 A gardening group is going to work at KeepAble Cancer Community Centre.

The Cancer Society of New Zealand’s Daffodil Day

What is Daffodil Day?

The Cancer Society of New Zealand’s Daffodil Day symbolises hope for 1 in 3 New Zealanders affected by cancer.
Since 1990, this iconic event has inspired people to come together and support the Cancer Society’s work. As well as providing an opportunity to raise awareness of cancer in New Zealand.
Your donations will go towards vital scientific research into the causes and treatment of all types of cancer, as well as providing a wide range of support services, education and awareness campaigns / programmes for people affected by cancer in your area.
Whether it’s buying daffodils / donating to our street collectors, purchasing our merchandise, or making a donation by text / phone / online, every gift counts.

How a donation can make a difference

There are many ways a donation makes a difference for people with cancer:
$10 helps provide information like cancer brochures.
$15 helps volunteers drive people to their hospital appointments.
$20 helps run the Cancer Information Helpline 0800 CANCER (266 237) – Any cancer, any question.
$50 helps provide counselling and support to people affected by cancer.
$100 helps us to make our schools SunSmart, and our communities Smokefree.
$150 helps provide accommodation for people traveling out of town to have treatment.
$500 helps fund ground-breaking research into new and better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.
But any donation, no matter how large or small, will make a difference in the life of someone living with cancer.

With your help, there is hope.

Please support us by making a donation now.

Thursday challenge: digital playground experience…/mixed-reality…/
Auckland Council has partnered with innovative New Zealand mixed reality experience designers GeoAR Games to get kids off the couch and outside to play, ahead of the winter school holidays.
The council has signed an agreement to trial GeoAR’s “Magical Park” digital playground app in eight parks around Auckland for two months from 4 July to 4 September.
“We’re always looking for innovative ways to get young Aucklanders more active more often and this new app from GeoAR Games means parents don’t have to wrestle smartphones and tablets off their children – they can take them with them to the park to play,” says Parks, Sport and Recreation Committee Chair Councillor Christine Fletcher.
The digital playground experience is aimed at children aged 6-11, allowing them to explore digital content in the real world by viewing it through their smartphone or tablet.
There are currently two themed worlds that users can download for free at the eight parks. “Augmentia” offers a fantasy theme, including a giant blue dragon, and “DinoLand” allows the player to interact with prehistoric playmates on large, flat grassy areas.

Forget the pikachu, the pokemon, we in Auckland are looking for dinosaurs, and I had found one. hehehe

Unusual (Final week) (Anything out of the ordinary...). 

asparagus fern This asparagus fern is also called bridal bouquet fern. How aptly is it called. I stole my neighbour's fern to make my wedding bouquet.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Give Your Inspirational Teacher an A+!

Boy with books.jpg              Teachers desk.jpg

                                          The Judges,

Colin Rangi.                                          Jenny Robertson.           

Colin Rangi.jpg


                                                                                                                                  Lynda Reid.

Give Your Inspirational Teacher an A+! 

By Fleur Revell
03 August 2016

An annual initiative to recognise and reward early childhood, primary, intermediate and secondary teachers around the country has launched today.

The New Zealand's Most Inspiring Teachers campaign is a Warehouse Stationery initiative to allow students, their parents, families and community to acknowledge the hard work of teachers.

Teachers often go above and beyond to make sure our children get the very best learning experience they can, and now it’s time to say thank you by nominating them for the ‘New Zealand’s Most Inspiring Teacher’ award.

It’s easy to get involved – simply visit and explain how a teacher in your community goes the extra mile to inspire, support and motivate you or your child, and both you and they will be in to win. Entries will be judged on four key criteria of enthusiasm, creativity, dedication and drive.

The overall winner who is named as New Zealand’s Most Inspiring Teacher will win a prize consisting of a $5000 holiday voucher, technology, furniture and stationery. Their school will also win a $500 Warehouse Stationery Gift Card and a box of school stationery supplies.

Three runners up in each category (Early Childhood, Primary & Intermediate and Secondary School) will each win a tablet, mobile phone, furniture, and over $500 worth of stationery supplies from Warehouse Stationery. In addition, these nine teachers’ schools will win a $500 Warehouse Stationery gift card and a box of school stationery supplies.

The individual who writes the overall winner’s nomination will win an iPad Air 2, giving a combined total prize value for the competition of over $40,000.

Pejman Okhovat, CEO of Warehouse Stationery, says a teacher’s important role is worth celebrating and over 15,000 New Zealanders to date have taken the opportunity to nominate and vote for a teacher who has made an impact on their life.

“It’s clear that people want to publicly acknowledge the special contribution a teacher makes to their lives, whether it’s their creative approach to learning in the classroom, the out-of-hours work they do to organise sporting or cultural events, or the support they give to families and parents of their pupils,” says Okhovat.

“In giving people the chance to nominate the inspiring teachers they know, we get to celebrate the hard work they do that often goes unnoticed, and reward these special people who have such an important job.”

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