Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Zealand Mayonnaise recipe

My oldest daughter is my biggest fan. My 70 something aunties loved it too. They said it makes the mouth very refreshing.

1/2 can condensed milk, ( more if a thicker sauce is desired)
1/2 can vinegar, ( any type,)
1/2 can oil, ( any type preferably olive oil)
1 raw egg yoke.
1 teasp salt
1/2 tablesp mustard, ( more if desired)

If you think it is too sweet, you can buy unsweetened condensed milk.

( when you start, empty 1/2 can milk in a bowl, use the can as measuring instrument, saves on washing.)

Gives you 2 small jam bottles. Good for parties, for home use, I give one bottle to my friend)

All items except OIL. in blender, SLOWEST speed until mixture is mixed well.
Slowly dribble oil into mixture, SLOWEST speed until thickened.
Put in bottles in fridge, the mixture will thicken more in the fridge.

1: as a dip, serve in a bowl place in the middle of
salad. LOOKS very nice.
2: Mixed with Veges as veges salad, celery, onion (red and white)
3: Mixed with fruits as fruit salad
4: Mixed with cubes ,frozen veges: Macaroni
5: Mixed with cubes ,frozen veges : cubed boiled potatoes
6: Mixed with cubes ; frozen veges : Boiled rice

Ideas: Use any fruit or veges you fancy, the more color the better.

Cool everything before you mix, and chill before you serve.

If using apples, either soak in salt/lemon water, or cut last, and mixed mayonnaise so that apples cubes don't brown.

Can use hard boiled eggs as garnish( sliced) or cubed inside the salad.

Good for parties as it is easy to make, macaroni is best as you don't have to peel and cut the potatoes.
You can use it with cabbage to make a delicious cole slaw.

The mayonnaise will keep in the fridge, but I recommend not more than 2 weeks because of the raw egg, though my scientifically inclined friends say, the mixing of egg and vinegar would have cooked it.

I always use the big spiral macaroni because they "trap" more of the mayonnaise. Boil till soft.

Add cubes of celery, red, yellow and green capsicum, tomatoes, cucumber and spring onion.

Add my home made New Zealand Mayonnaise, see my previous post.

Chill until ready to serve.

For a non vegetarain Salad, you can add ham, or chicken.

You can make a sea food pasta salad with prawns or crab meat.

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