Friday, April 19, 2013

The sad story of my Stevia plant, killed by the computer virus.

My friend told me about this plant Stevia which is used a a sugar substitute. I have not tried using my plant, and it looks like a beautiful pot plant. The girl at the garden centre told me I have to bring it indoors in winter. She also tells me by adding a few leaves in my cup of tea will sweeten my tea. As a scary cat, I have not tried it yet. My plant I bought in New Zealand looks different from Wikipeadia. Supersized stevia! This is undoubtedly the most robust variety of stevia that we have ever seen. The whole plant has a sturdy upright look with strong thick stems and monstrous leaves that can exceed 10cm/4" long and 5cm/2" across. Even when grown in pots the plants reach heights of 90cm/36" or more. Taste is similar to regular stevia. "You can't believe how sweet this plant is! Stevia leaves are 10 times sweeter than sugar, but have almost no calories and lack the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. Refined Stevia has been available for years at health stores as an all-natural alternative to sugar. Now is your chance to grow the plant at home. Plants grow to 3' tall and are only hardy to zone 10. In the winter, bring it indoors and use it as a house plant"

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