Monday, April 26, 2010

Chinese wonton

I love food, and I love flowers. I have decided to devote this site to these two loves of my life.

This is a bowl of simple wonton soup. It is healthy and a light soup.

The wrapper or skin can be bought from any Asian food store. Buy the round shape ones for dumplings.

Fillings: Mince pork or chicken, onions, a little chopped chinese greens or cabbage, garlic, one egg, salt and oyster sauce, sesame oil. Mix thoroughly.

put a dollop of filling on to the middle of the wrapper.

brush edge with water, and seal the edge by crimping.

Drop into a pot of boiling water with some cooking oil. When the wrapper turns white, take it out.

Serve with clear soup or chicken soup.

Garnish with chopped spring onion, and/or bean sprout, Green vege,

Enjoy, this is no gourmet. Just a simple home cook food to warm your heart especially on a cold winter's evening.

(You may deep fry the wonton, use less filling is you are deep frying)

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