Friday, April 30, 2010

Organic Vegetables: Choko tendrils and leaves.

I have a choko vine in my garden. My sister Rose came and harvested the young tendrils and leaves. A quick stir fry in garlic oil, and you have a plate of organic vegetable.

For more interesting stories of the choko, click this link:

You will be able to buy them in Thai markets. Choko plants grow by them self, there is no need for fertilizer or pesticides. You can harvest the fruit. This is indeed the dream plant for people who are conscious about the sprays that farmers use.


W.C.Camp said...

Very nice - looks like kind of a spinach varietal without any of the fertilizer issues. Great post - I will look for them if I can find a Thai market? Thanks. W.C.C.

Wanda said...

I know I will enjoy this blog too. I love veggies, and trying new things.

Christina, Sweden said...

Looks nice but I tried to translate and did not find any :-( however Im sure it tastes nice

Thanks for commenting!

christina, sweden