Monday, December 27, 2010

Ruby Red Tuesday/rednesday:Garbage Truck
Our Garbage truck drivers and collectors are another group of workers that we mustn't take for granted.

For us here in Auckland, if there is a public holiday, the garbage collection skips to another day. With Boxing day being on Sunday, we thought the collection would be on Tuesday. But they came early on Monday, before people were awake, and my husband heard them but he was too late. I said that they shouldn't have come on Monday, and there were so much festive waste. It would be very unpleasant in our summer heat.

A lot of people must have complained, and they came again, I heard them and rushed out to the truck as they had past our house. I asked if they would wait for us. The husband came with the wheelie bin, and I happened to have my camera ready.

Here Ka Pai or good job to the men and women on this route.


Luna Miranda said...

such hard-working guys. our garbage collector comes every other day at 4 am.:p

Jama said...

The bin is quiet similar to ours here, except they are all green. Thank God I'm staying in flat with a indoor rubbish chute,right under the sink. newer flats nowadays have central waste disposal chute on every floor, which means all residents have to bring their rubbish out.

Ginny said...

I always thought this would be such a bad job. But do you know that I heard that trash collectors have the healthiest jobs and live the longest of any profession!! Maybe it's the exercise and being out in the fresh air.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Cute picture of the rubbish guy!!!

Kim, USA said...

This just reminds me that tomorrow is our garbage day and even if it's snowing or not (unless a holiday) they are here to collect the garbage. We pay $45/3 months for garbage collection how much you pay there?
Ruby Red Tuesday

Hooked on Memes said...

Great post! Happy New Year!

We have two pickups - one for garbage and one for recycling. The recycling truck comes around 7 am and we often miss it.

The front of the garbage trucks are often decorated with stuffed animals and other things people throw out.

Louise Bettridge said...

OMG! The photos are of me and my partner! We actually had no complaints but we came back after finishing our run to check streets as there were so many bins not our (as in 10 bins out where normally there were 100). Just came across these by chance. It was my day off and I normally worked in the office. So funny to see this! :-) :-) :-)