Sunday, December 30, 2012

Scenic Sunday: belimbing besi in Bau, Borneo

Gerald HarryGerald Harry's tree laden with fruit.

Pierce Tk Wong's closeup photo.

My friend Gerald Harry and a group of friends " Do you remember" went to an off skirt village to visit Kampung Segong, Bau.Kuching. 

He took these photos of the fruit tree and he has kindly allowed me 
to post the belumbing Besi fruit.

I have not seen this fruit when I was growing up in Borneo. This may be the first photos to be shown internationally. I googled and didn't find any photos, unless they go by another name.

"It is sour but when it is ripe (the skin will change to white) the fruit is very very sweet.
We will visit the farm again in February and I heard that's the best time to eat." Gerald.

Thanks Gerald and Pierce.

As I suspected this rare plant goes by other names:

Baccaurea angulata (Tampoi Belimbing, Belimbing Bukit, Red angle tampoi, Belimbing 


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