Thursday, May 23, 2013

Callistemon salignus, White Bottlebrush

Native to Australia, this evergreen tree grows best in places where full sun and no frost are the norm. It is drought resistant and can reach heights of 16–40 feet. Leaves of the white bottlebrush are narrow, simple, and alternately arranged with smooth leaf margins. The bark is white and has a peeling, papery texture. 

I took this photo at the Commonweath Court in Brisbane before I set on my venture, exploring Brisbane by myself. It was going to be my landmark. Very good in my head, after 2 - 3 hours walk across the Kurilpa Bridge  and back again over another bridge. I walked too far and lost my way. I had to ask a news agent, a landsome lawyer and a police man and two security guards at a family court, before my brother found me.

In deed, a country bumpkin visits the city.

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