Sunday, September 21, 2014

Banana Blossom for cooking

In many parts of South East Asia, like Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and the Philipines, they use banana flowers in their cooking. I have not used them myself.

I used to grow bananas and I would give the flowers to my friends. There is a lot of work removing the sap. My Thai friend makes a salad, my Sri Lanka friends cooks in curry.

I watch my friend cut and clean fresh banana blossom. It is such a tedious and time consuming process. It took her 45 minutes to clean it. No wonder the next time, I had a banana blossom, she didn't want it anymore.  It reminded me of processing durian flowers when I was young.

Then my Burmese friend cooks the heart of the stem.

I grew them, but I don't eat them. Other friends ask why I bother, I just like to see the plants grow and make others happy.

These are actually in Auckland. I am surprised because the fruits actually mature to be edible.

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