Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tru2U Christmas Packs :Tart Cherry


Tru2U Christmas Packs


What is better than giving yourself, your loved ones (children included) and friends a restorative sleep this Christmas?

Christchurch based business have extended their popular range of health-supporting products to include cute – and useful – gift packs, and we thought you might be interested in it as a Christmas present idea for your blog.
The new Christmas gift packs – all containing Tart Cherries or NZ Sweet Cherry (both of which help support restorative sleep with naturally occurring phytomelatonin) – are suitable for the whole family, helping to ensure those you love get quality sleep and natural health support

I have a friend, with a professional job who had trouble sleeping try out with Tart Cherries and this is his report.
As someone who can have trouble getting to sleep this struck me as a product with great potential, and I think it is a potential that was met - I feel I have been sleeping better since I have started taking it.
Tru2u is made from the juice of tart cherries, which the bottles says are high in phytomelatonin, a natural component of a good sleep cycle. The recommendation is to take it an hour before trying to sleep, either by itself or mixed in with something else. I quite like the flavour, but I also enjoy tart flavours.
I have continued to take this product nightly some weeks after first starting and there is a good reason I keep coming back to it.
by H.
I am not paid for this review, I am giving a bottle to try it out. 

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