Friday, December 5, 2014

Proposal: A formal Chinese garden.

"A person that creates a garden finds much happiness" - An ancient Chinese saying

A friend my home Borneo had the above quote in his facebook page, just the right one I needed today, as I come back from a function where it was proposed to construct a Chinese garden. I want to add on to Tony's quote by saying that a garden gives much happiness to anyone who walks by. In deed, I walk round places and soak in the atmosphere, smell the fragrances of flowers and enjoy the eye candy.

Will a formal Chinese Garden be the right thing in Auckland?  The Chinese have been in New Zealand since 1850, and there are more than 110,000 Chinese in Auckland?

I wrote to the local MP, Mr David Shearer, I drive past Chamberlain Park daily. There are hardly anyone playing golf. In fact an avid golfer told me that golf course is so low quality that people do not want to play there.

I like my say, I do not think a golf course serving a small group of people are the right one for the city that has diverse groups of people living. I am no expert in culture or landscaping.  I would expect there will be plants like my photo where I took from The New Zealand Chinese Association building.

I signed my feedback to Albert-Eden Local Board.


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