Saturday, March 28, 2015

Grow Tall soup, the peanut root.

When we arrived in 1990 in Nanyang Technological University, there were lots of greenery, and we stayed in the only Staff Residence. Soon, they were digging up and building and building.

Some of us gardening enthusiasts requested the university for a plot of land. At first the plants grew but later, the rain washed away the top soil, and plants didn't grow. I was the NTU gardening club secretary and persisted because if I didn't, the university will convert it back to lawn.

The only plant that grew well was peanuts.  This was when I learn of the story of the FA SAN SAN aka the peanut root, The grow tall soup.

A non member asked me if I kept the roots of the peanuts. I told her another member grew it. I went to ask her, and was told this Grow Tall Soup was the very reason she grew the peanuts. She grew it and brewed the soup for her son.

The friend also asked if I brewed the FA SAN GAN for my girls. My girls are 5 ft 10 and 5 ft 9. I LOL, if I did, my girls would become giants. Their dad is almost 6 ft.

I did buy her some when i went to my home town, Sibu.

Though I didn't know about this, my sis-in-law told me this was a West Malaysian belief. They even have a ditty which she heard her students sing about a short teacher.

Ai Zai,
Ai Zai,
Ne Ah Ma Mo bai Ne Said Fan San Gan.

Your mum didn't brew you peanut roots.

Five years from when I left NTU, the plot is back to nature plot. My legacy of ferns, bananas and peace lilies remain an eye sore of neglect to some, but a gem to me when I went to visit last year.

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