Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hydrodol: the ultimate hangover relief for festive season revellers

Don't drink and make yourself a fool at those Christmas dos and end of year office function. Have a pack of hydrodol in your pocket and handbag.

Paint The Town Red and Wake Up Feeling Great with Hydrodol

By Fleur Revell
30 November 2015
Love the party season but hate the hangovers? It’s time to dust off your dancing shoes and paint the town red, then wake up feeling great thanks to Hydrodol!

The ultimate hangover relief  for festive season revellers, Hydrodol lets you step out into the sunshine and make the most of the morning after – sunglasses optional! Designed to be taken during a night out, Hydrodol replaces what your body loses when you drink, helping you to wake up feeling fresh after a big night.

Also renowned as an effective fatigue fighter, Hydrodol helps minimise dehydration, giving you the energy you need to party all night yet still bounce back refreshed and energetic the next day.

Boasting a new enhanced formula and natural ingredients, Hydrodol works to prevent hangovers before they start, so the dreaded dry horrors don’t come knocking the next morning! The comprehensive formula replaces nutrients your body loses when you’re drinking such as vitamins, minerals, sugars and amino acids. Hydrodol also contains the herb Kudzu-Pueraria-Lobta, which is used in Chinese medicines for hangover symptoms.

A Hydrodol capsule only contains ingredients that are found naturally in your body – no mysterious additions or chemicals here! Simply take 4 capsules while drinking, alternatively take 4 capsules the morning after to speed up recovery.

Hydrodol is available from pharmacies and health food stores across New Zealand and also online at

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