Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Bridges : Auckland
overhead bridge in Downtown Auckland


Ginny Hartzler said...

This looks like a walking bridge from one building to another. Hospitals have them around here.

joo said...

Is it for pedestians? I think it is!
Lovely one.
of course I'd like to be a princess, who wouldn't:):):)
Have a great week ahead Ann!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hi again Ann. I love the red bridge.

In answer to your question about our travels -- we are in a small camper van. It has a double bed, toilet/shower, sink, stovetop, microwave, our computer and television. Everything we need, just kind of shrunk down in size! (This is the longest roadtrip we've taken in it -- and it is just about long enough! -- we are kind of missing elbow room by now!)

But it has been a great adventure.

Thanks for visiting -- I am glad to have found your beautiful blogs and I'll come back again!!!

JayLeigh said...

Looks like a fun bridge to walk over! :-)

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» went to link your bridge, but he sees you got it to work. He is always happy to help, and he appreciates your participation in Sunday Bridges.

The JR said...

We have one of those around here too!

agreenearth said...
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agreenearth said...

Good to see Auckland and love the harbor bridge.

You asked if the blossom in my garden needed much water. The answer is no, it is an Australian native plant and they adapt well to dry conditions.