Thursday, December 9, 2010

Macro Flowers: Dedicated to Betsy and George

I am holiday and was hanging around in my Church Mt Albert Baptist Church when I saw these lovely photos beside the Forever Kids child care. I thought it could be an iris, because individually the looked like my Walking Iris I grew in Singapore. But as I google searched, irises appear to have individual flowers, and this is a spray.

Do any of you know?

I dedicate this post to my cyber friends Betsy and George. To me, they exemplify this song

Betsy and George, your posts and comments always make me smile. You encourage me and I feel confident to share my deepest feelings.

Now I teach you some New Zealand words, Ka Pai which means Good Job.
paki paki which means clap clap.

I have joined this meme for a while now, and I am loving it. First I love flowers. Second, the badge for this meme is the North Borneo Orchid.

Join Macro Flowers Saturday, a photo meme for macro photos and close-ups of flowers, garden flowers, wildflowers, blossoms, flowers with insects and butterflies (no insects without flowers), flowers with raindrops and whatever beautiful plants, plant seeds or berries you have, in close-up.

First time visitors, please read the rules. They are simple but I do ask that you, please, use a MFS badge or link back to MFS in some way. Thank you.

Macro Flower Saturday
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Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh Ann----This post made me cry... You are so special and I feel so honored. Love that song also... I do hope that George and I will love each other when we are 90--and old and feeble. His parents certainly do still love each other. SO--they are a great inspiration.

The flowers are gorgeous --especially this time of year when our yard looks pretty bare... You are so sweet, Ann, to remember us. We truly appreciate it ---and want to tell you that you mean just as much to US.

Maybe someday we can meet!!!!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

This iris is amazing, I have not seen one like it! Aren't George and Betsy great! We had the good fortune to be able to meet them when they came to our house, they are so full of joy and love!! I wish you and I could meet someday! You have used those words before, but I never knew what they meant till now!

George said...

Thank you, Ann, for your kind words and dedication. I truly appreciate both. And I thank you for making it possible for me to learn more about your beautiful country.

Unknown said...

Are they snap dragons? They certainly are pretty, especially when we are looking at snow.

Maia said...

Beautiful shots. Did you ask for their name? These are common irises, they grow wild on the streets by us (not now in winter), still they are very beautiful.
you've forgotten to enter your link to MFS list. I did it for you now, I hope you don't mind.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful flowers, very lovely colors.

Joanne Olivieri said...

What a beautiful tribute with beautiful flowers. I love irises and these are truly special.

The JR said...

That a beautiful deep color. Luv them.