Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My World Tuesday: New Zealand Crabs
This is one Christmas dinner will we remember for a long time. They are from the Southland of New Zealand, we we bought them live from the Auckland Fish Market. The bigger beautiful purple crab is the male, and the female is brown. The legs of the male were more than a foot long.

We cooked them with four American crabs, and cooked them Singapore chilli crab style. I forgotten to take a photo of them after I cook them, but I can assure you that they were very delicious. We had a visitor from Singapore and she agreed with me.

When ever I have American crabs, I think if Patti in Crisfield, wondering if the crab I ate came from her fisherman. whiteout.html


Ginny Hartzler said...

I have never seen a purple crab! I'm wondering why you cooked American crabs also when the New Zealand ones are bigger and superior?

The JR said...

I can look at them and tell they were delicious!


Happy New Year.

Tempo said...

Here in South Australia we get the Blue Swimmer crab, just now they are everywhere and you cant even swim without being accosted by them. Their downfall is that they are delicious.

Tempo said...

The blue swimmer isnt related to the mud crab at all, it's a smaller oceanic crab which is great eating because of our cold and nutrient rich waters. They get to around 600mm from claw to claw though most will be about 450mm. At the moment they are everywhere and a walk on the sands when the tide is out will get you from 6 to 20. If you use drop nets and a small boat you can easily get the 60 which is your boat limit. YUM!
No license required, no cost.