Monday, January 24, 2011

Macro flowers: Flowering trees at Bastion Point, Camellias, camellias are known as cháhuā (茶花) in Chinese, "tea flower"

I have joined this meme for a while now, and I am loving it. First I love flowers. Second, the badge for this meme is the North Borneo Orchid.

This is another kind of wild ginger. This was taken at the NTU executive centre.

Join Macro Flowers Saturday, a photo meme for macro photos and close-ups of flowers, garden flowers, wildflowers, blossoms, flowers with insects and butterflies (no insects without flowers), flowers with raindrops and whatever beautiful plants, plant seeds or berries you have, in close-up.

First time visitors, please read the rules. They are simple but I do ask that you, please, use a MFS badge or link back to MFS in some way. Thank you.

Macro Flower Saturday
Bluberry craft and hobby time

These flowers grow on the trees at Bastion Point. The blooms were quite small, and do not cover the whole tree. Sorry, I can't tell you the name.

Addition: Two friends, SL and have told me that these are single layered camellias. I googled and couldn't find an exact match, but I think they are right. The leaves and buds look like camelias.


SquirrelQueen said...

The blooms are so beautiful especially the last one in purple. Great macro shots.

The JR said...

Well they sure are beautiful!

Maia said...

Forget the name, they are gorgeous flowers with those silky, purple petals.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
The flowers at Bastion Point are Camellia, 'Cha Hua". They are the winter flowers in Calf., We see a lot of them around now. There are many types of Camellia, they come in many colours. Some have multi petals. Though I have not come across single petals ones but I know the leaves & buds of Camellia.