Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scenic Sunday/Sunday Bridge

Going on a weekend outing with the Water Engineer is often to check out his work interests. Here is one about drainage. I used to be very upset about this, but not anymore since I started blogging. These places of his interests become mine.

I did have a lot of fun that afternoon. In fact I wanted to stay longer than he want to.


Francisca said...

Hi Ann. It looks like THAT little bridge would be a gonner after a good rainfall. I really enjoy going out to see new things, even if they are not related to my own interests... learning is an ongoing event with me.

[I am and have been in China - look at some of my previous posts. But only recently I found a way to get around China's firewall to get to social media sites, including blogs. But it's reaaaally slooow. Don't think I'll have a ton of time for blog hopping in the months ahead, but we'll see. Hope you are well!]

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am glad you can go along and be interested and turn it into blog posts!

The JR said...

Maybe you need to be a water engineer!