Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ruby red/rednesday" Japanese lunch box.

I was very privileged to meet Chinatsu and be her friend. She is from Japan and we were both faculty wives at Nanyang Technological University.  We did a lot of things together, Bible Study and she cooked Japanese food for our Foodsale. We both loved plants, and my first "Jiang Mien Li" aka see you for the first time gift was a big flowering pot of Jasmine plant.Little did I know that jasmine was her Chinese Father in law's favourite plant, and that gift helped him adapt to life in Singapore.

Though I had left Singapore about 6 years ago, we kept in contact. One year, my husband went to visit Singapore, and she gave a very nice CD to me. He likes it very much and plays it in his car. My car can't play any CD, so I enjoy the music when I am in his car.

I guess you all have heard how petite and nicely presented the Japanese ladies make their food. What Chinatsu packed for her daughter Yiling's lunch box puts me to shame.

It makes me think of a Chinese saying;

Live in a western house,
Marry a Japanese wife,
Eat Chinese food.

That's Utopia.  A Japanese wife is subservient to her husband. 

I post the lunch box, not Chinatsu, because I didn't ask her permission. Perhaps next time.

Rirra Kuma Bento


cg said...

Is indeed a beautiful/appetising lunch box I've ever seen:)It put me to shame too!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my goodness, who wouldn't want a lunch like that? It looks wonderful. Here, the kids are always either not eating their lunches or trading them.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

How wonderful, thanks so much for sharing. I was introduced to the Japanese lunch in a movie I saw many years ago, and was captivated with the idea!

genie said...

I wish I had someone to fix me a lunchbox like this one. It is great and so appealing to the eye. Yummy I am sure. Hope you are well.I am finally back up and running again on the internet. genie