Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flowers and plants in Nanyang Technological University

These photos were taken when I came back to Singapore after 3 years away. I have a very happy exciting news. 6 Years away, I see the trees have grown, and what is fascinating is my two neem trees have a tag, and I joyously say that my trees are now protected. No one is allowed to chop them down.

My friends have no idea why they tag all the trees. It was done when Singapore hosted the youth Olympics, and the authorities merely said it was for security. I will post the tree photos when I get back to NZ. In the mean time, I am just so very happy.

I miss this beautiful brazilian button, they are gone.

The ferns, peace lilies, banana trees, iron tree, herbs, some are still  are there.
I was so pleased that it has grown like a bush. My very own mini Botanical garden.

The Neem tree I grew from a cutting. Now it is bigger, though 1 meter of the trunk lies horizontal, it is still the beautiful tree. There more to the story of how I acquired the first stems and how I got to know the world foremost expert in Neem. Gee! I was so clever then. There is another one tree at another location.I hid it among 2 giant trees so the exterminator won't spot them. Now, I sign with relief, they are protected.
When you have read this, you can go rush off and buy Neem products.

You may go to the link with the photos I had taken before I left. The peace lilies are overgrown.

The Neem tree is still there. The gardeners know it is a good medicinal plant. Three times, the wind had blown it over, it was probed up again. Ka Pai. They call it Aunty Ann's tree.

Centratherum punctatum: (Centratherum intermedium) brazilian button flower or brazilian bachelor button flower. Origin : Philippines to Australia

This is a bushy shrub that blooms at the stem tips. The flower is about one inch across, with fluffy down looking petals and the purplish, bluish, lavender blooms making it a very attractive plant. The leaves are jaggedly edge, deep green and very attractive as a
green background foliage for your cut flowers.

Both the flowers and leaves have a good scent that my friends mistake the plant to be a herb. In a big pot, it grows to a meter tall. It grows from rooted cutting. I have also experimented grafting and succeeded

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