Friday, February 1, 2013

Pohutukawa: New Zealand Christmas tree

Thanks Judy for your hard work.

click on link to see other display.  Forever In My Heart exhibition which is at the Peacock Art Gallery, Upton Country Park, from 31 January to 4 February 2013.

Judy Lancaster-Bowen

Hello Ann and Deborah,
The Forever in my Heart exhibition is this week and your book and Deborah's drawings really look so lovely. Thank you so much for including them in the exhibition. Many people, especially, stop for quite a while and look and comment on Deborah's drawings. Really spending the time looking at her Chinese Baby, Andrew, and your family picture. It does touch my heart each time I see someone standing in front of her drawings, and that even though it has been a long time since Andrew passed, you are still able to communicate what was going on for your family when Andrew was going to be "an angel".
Here is a link to the website where I have uploaded photographs from the exhibition.
You can also see more photographs on our facebook
Thank you so much


joy said...

Your flower is very special:)
Dropping by from Floral Friday Fotos.

Unknown said...

Those fuzzy flower balls are lovely.

Lisa said...

forever in my heart :) how beautiful! I lost a baby...and even though I never got to hold him he really is forever part of me. I love this so much. It's all just beautiful!