Monday, November 25, 2013

Creating an Everlasting Memory with a Group Photo

Creating an Everlasting Memory with a Group Photo

Group photos are among the most common kinds of photos people take. However, they aren’t always the most memorable. This is because they are easily spoiled since there are so many subjects in the picture. Someone is always blinking or looking away right when the photo is snapped so it can get pretty hard to take a good group picture. We can make it a little easier for you with these handy tips, however.

1. Preparation

Even though some of the best pictures are spontaneous, this is not the case with group photos. People tend to lose their patience pretty fast if you, the photographer, are not prepared beforehand. This reduces the chance that they will cooperate which reduces the chance of a good photo. In order to avoid this, you should already have a location in mind, know the position you will sit them in and already figure out how you are going to frame the picture.

2. Take more than one shot

While not a guarantee of a success, this technique will at least increase your chances of taking a good photo. If your camera has a burst mode then use it. Simply tell everyone that you will take multiple photos and keep snapping away if not.

3. Get in closer

This is a useful tip for any kind of photography, but it can be harder when talking about a group photo. You need to be sure that you do not get too start and close cutting people out of the image. However, if you do manage to find the sweet spot, you will give your subjects’ faces a lot more definition and detail which improves the overall quality of the picture.

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