Thursday, March 12, 2015

an unidentified fruit/ fruit of a calabash tree, Crescentia cujete, Bignoniaceae)

My big brother in law was very good to me when I told him I was taking photos for my blog. He took me on a reconnaissance on his little motor bike round his little town. I haven't been on a motor bike since my last year of high school, and with my camera in one hand, it wasn't a very good ride as it was very hot and humid and most of the road was not paved with asphalt. Never the less, we took some very good photos.

We went past this house where there was a fruit he wanted to show me. We saw another fruit that we didn't know, and I was more curious with the fence.

It was the size of a pomelo, and splitting opened showed it was a solid fruit like a dragon fruit, with no seqments.

Thanks to my facebook friend Jit Sin, I got an id for this.
Jit Sin It is used in organic gardening as a pest repellent. The flesh is fermented in a 1:1 ratio of brown sugar for a week or longer and the resulting liquid mixed at a 1 to 2:1000 ratio and sprayed on plants.

fruit of a calabash tree,  Crescentia cujete, Bignoniaceae) 

Pokok Labu Kayu

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