Wednesday, June 16, 2010

chamomile tea

When I was growing up in Borneo, Grand dad and mum used to brew up big pots of herbal tea. They were bitter and dark looking concoction. We were told the hot tropical Borneo can make one sick. I didn't like it, but I listened a drank them by the bowlful. There were other brew like flu brew, duck feet cha, and we even went round the neighbourhood collecting herbs.

Gone were those days, I have become my own mum. Some times I go to the Chinese grocery store and brew some Buddha's fruit when my cough won't go away.

Now, I make cups of chamomile tea. It is supposed to be soothing and calming and helps you go to sleep. I just drink the mild bitter tea and think of my Mum and Grand dad.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes foods or drinks remind us of days as a child. I know your remember your Mum and Grand Dad fondly when you sip on this tea. Hope you have a nice day. Are you recovered from the flu yet?

Dar said...

Memory entries are my favorites. You have a great memory of family ties with the natural teas. I love the chamomile, it does help me rest.
Have a wonderful day

Serline said...

Is it that time of the year already? Living in Bangkok and not frequenting Chinatown mean we sometimes lose track of such "lesser" Chinese festivals and traditions. Will go grab a few this Sunday, when hubby returns from his business trip... have a blessed weekend!