Saturday, June 12, 2010

Purple Lissianthus Flowers

The Wonderous series is an early flowering Lissianthus with a unique flower shape and texture from Sakata Seed. This new variety produces very hard, durable flower petals for exceptional tolerance in shipping, and has an exceptionally long vase life. Colors include Purple and Light Brown.

I made a pact with my older daughter. When I die, I would like some wild Cala lilies for my casket. We were in our garden looking for flowers to put on my late son Andrew's casket. She knows Cala holds a special place in my heart. The wild ones, not the florist's perfect calas.

Recently, my second daughter has been giving me a purple flower she likes very much. I emailed my florist friend and she told me that it is Lissianthus. It is a very beautiful flower, and I have a change of heart. I would like Lissianthus too.

I have two more surviving children. Perhaps some day, they will give me a special flower to sit on top of my casket.

When my Dad died, my Sister Margaret requested the florist for his favourite flower, The North Borneo Orchid. Dad didn't get it, but we all have something sweet to remember him by. We are a sentimental lot.

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Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful flowers, especially the purple. Flowers have a way of becoming very special to us over the years and they evoke sweet memories.