Thursday, July 15, 2010

Curry Chicken with Saffron Rice

Curry Chicken with Saffron Rice : Ann Chin
For 4 adults;

a: skinned chicken breast, 2 big pieces or 3 small, cut to 1 inch by 2 inch.
b: any other part of the chicken, same size or whole drumsticks.

3 tablespoon Malaysian curry powder or any red curry powder.
2 big onions chopped coarsely.
5 cloves garlic, smashed skinned and chopped finer than onions
1 thumb sized ginger, same treatment as garlic.
3 table spoons cooking oil.
1 table spoon sugar.
1/2 table spoon salt.
250 ml coconut milk. ( Optional, but really nice)
2 tomatoes cut into wedges.
1 stalk Lemon grass (Optional, I don't use in New Zealand)
4 potatoes, quartered and boiled.
coriandar for decoration,

Heat a pot, add oil till hot.
Brown onion garlic and ginger, should smell fragrant.
( set aside 1/4 of this fried onion, garlic and ginger mixture)
Add chicken pieces and brown.
Add curry powder, mix well.
Add sugar and salt.
Add tomato wedges.

Turn heat very very low.
You may want to add some water. The chicken juice will be enough.
Slowly simmer for about 1 hour.

Just before serving, add 250 mil of coconut milk, and preboiled potaotos.
Heat to just about boiling,

Your curry chicken should be a thick gravy.

This is a mild curry, if you prefer a spicier dish, you may add more curry powder or even chilli powder.

Saffron Rice,
2 cups of raw white rice.
Wash according to manufacture's instruction, wash 1 or 2 or 3 times)
Add water, slightly less amount of water to rice.
Add the onion mixture,
Add 1 tablespoon of salt.
Add I tablespoon of sugar.
Add the strains of saffron. ( previously soaked in two spoons of hot water)
Mix well and cook in rice cooker.

If you don't have a rice cooker, use a heavy pot, boil rice mixture, turn the heat very very low, keep lid on, don't open lid until cooked.)
You get a very fragrant rice.

***Saffron is a very expensive spice, tell your guest that saffron cost more than gold, and you are treating them like royalty.****

You can substitute with tumeric. Or you can just serve your curry chicken with white steamed rice or bread roll.****

I have cooking this for sixteen years for a charity sale for the Deaf in Kenya when I was in Singapore. Professors' wives from all over the world buy this, and I am quite confident that it is delicious.

This if for Abe Lincoln's new project.
If you are interested, you may like to visit his site.

For the complete meal I prepared recently for my church's makeover.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Wow, this looks delicious! You must be a very good cook, I can almost smell it from here. I have never heard of the red curry powder, ours is dark yellow. Now I will have to look in the store and see if they have it.

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The JR said...

It must be good to have so many people wanting it!

Looks delicious.

Nyle said...

oh this looks so yummy and the recipe looks like even I could follow this......So I have copied it down and will try it next weekend.
Thanks for sharing.

Kim, USA said...

I have saffron here I bought this last year when I was in the Philippines. I knew that it cost a lot here too in the US but don't know what to do with it. Thankfully I read your post ^_^ now I can have saffron rice everyday!!