Sunday, July 11, 2010

Macro Flowers: Birds of paradise

Thank you Maia.

I am joining this meme for the first time. First I love flowers. Second, the badge for this meme is the North Borneo Orchid. My Dad's favourite flower. It gives me warm fuzzy feeling every time I see this flower.

Join Macro Flowers Saturday, a photo meme for macro photos and close-ups of flowers, garden flowers, wildflowers, blossoms, flowers with insects and butterflies (no insects without flowers), flowers with raindrops and whatever beautiful plants, plant seeds or berries you have, in close-up.

First time visitors, please read the rules. They are simple but I do ask that you, please, use a MFS badge or link back to MFS in some way. Thank you.

Macro Flower Saturday

When I first arrived in New Zealand, there was a big tub of Birds of Paradise outside our flat. As it was always a students' flat, no one had taken care of it. The plant was shaggy and flowers small. Still, when ever we had visitors from overseas. They get all excited about it.

At the bottom of the steps of my present house, the clump of Birds of Paradise is healthy and I get beautiful flowers. The water engineer always cuts down the leaves, because you get white powdery stuff if you brush your pants or sleeves against it.

To those who don't have the flower, they go ooh ah. I gave a flower during my warm fuzzy week to my colleague. Another time, I had about ten stalks, and I made a giant bouquet for my friend's birthday.

This post is for Mildred. She did a post on it. When I came back from church yesterday, I saw these three buds, and thought sweetly that they look like a family of mum, dad and baby. The older matured flower is grand dad.
I wish I can DHL this crane to you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann! What a thrill to get to see your flowers. So very kind of you to think of me and your pictures are just BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

P.S. The crane that was in our garden this morning is the ONLY one I have ever seen in our area of our state! It was fun to see!

Art Mama said...

You are richly blessed having these Birds of Paradise. I tried to grow one here in Chch, but without success. BTW, are you in Wellington?
Take care, from your new friend. xx

Ginny Hartzler said...

This is lovely, and such pretty colors! I always think these flowers look like something from another world or another time, even another planet. So very exotic and unusual.

The JR said...

Very beautiful. How lucky you are to live in a climate where you can grow them!

Singapoare Plants Lover said...

Ann, you are so lucky, have this wonderful flowering plant in your garden! Here,we most see them as cut flowers...