Saturday, July 24, 2010

Turning fourteen

Our baby turned fourteen this week. In New Zealand, this is a day of great significance. At 14, a child is allowed to stay at home by himself. Some parents have a party to celebrate this day of " No more babysitting," " No more tagging along."

The birthday boy had a few friends over and they were going to have laser fights at Megazone.

We both made this "chocolate slice" cake. He loves it, and is very happy to be my kitchen hand when we make this delicious non bake cake.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your son.

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday to your son! The fact that he was born the same date as your dad must make him feel especially blessed. The cake looks bake?? Do tell.

The JR said...

Happy B'day! He's a cute young man.