Monday, August 23, 2010

My nephew Lincoln's recycling project

I am very proud of my nephew Lincoln. He showed a lot of initiative and leadership. Lincoln and his team entered an inter school competition In Australia. It required using recycled material for building a "tuna can turner and stacker". They had six weeks to do it. They have to do it without adult supervision.

Lincoln showed something, using hydraulics(unfinished), the teacher said that they have to be team work!!!. Lincoln tried to organise people to come home and work. No one came.

He took his model to school to work and it kept on breaking!! The competition was on last Sunday. Not much done!!! This morning, Lincoln said that he could alter the design to get more points.

Helen, his mum was worried, she told him that it would be a wonder if they could present anything at all and he might have to prepare an impromptu speech and using diagram and broken bits to explain how the project supposed to work.

Lincoln proved her wrong. His group received an honours recommendation award for their project.

Ka Pai and paki paki which means good job, and clap clap in Maori in New Zealand. Now may be Lincoln can have a summer job on a Japanese fishing boat. That is I think what his invention is, I may be wrong. Can you guess which kid is Lincoln? The one with the important plan of course. LOL

Tuna can project.

It is to pick up tuna can from the ground to base A and then stack 3 tuna cans on to base C.
The plunger in the syringe is pushed/pulled to control the water in the other syringe.
The water in the the tube is strong to power the plunger in the other syringe.
Each syringe is placed to raise/lower the arms and also to swivel the bases either way. The magnet in the drink bottle is dropped on and then to pick cans. Once the can is pulled high enough, it can not go pass the drink bottle and this would release the can from the magnet. The base is supported by tin cans.
The student use the syringes attached with tubings to operate the mechanism.
There are lot of amazing designs using different techniques in the competition. I think Lincoln's group has the youngest members.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Goodness, I can barely understand how this works, and here he is thinking it up and making it! Job on a fishing boat is not good enough for this smart boy!

The JR said...

He's the one with the biggest smile!

Smart boy. Good going Lincoln.

Kim, USA said...

Yay congratulations to Lincoln he is very determined fellow, he will achieve more in his life he already showed good signs. Happy Monday!
Yellow Pick-up

Serline said...

Hope they continue and grow up with recycling always on their minds. Mother earth needs our children to treat it better than we ever did...